Tony Petrello’s Rise to Top Leadership

Nabors Industries Limited is a globally renowned energy company that deals with geothermal and natural gas. The company operates in the world’s biggest sources of this raw material including the USA and the Middle East among other giants in natural gas production. Nabors Industries Limited has been doing very well and the credits can only be given to Tony Petrello who has been at the helm of the company’s top leadership for years. His leadership and business acumen has propelled the company into the industry giant that it is today. Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 and over the years he has been doing a great job.

His rise to the top job in the company has been accredited to his academic qualifications which can only be best described as enviable. Tony is a trained and a certified lawyer. He completed his law school in one of the best universities in the world, the Harvard University. He later joined Yale University to pursue a bachelor’s degree and eventually a Master’s degree in mathematics. With such kind of credentials, it was not difficult for him to land a prestigious job in any field of his interest. He first decided to pursue law and in 1979 he joined law firm as his first professional pursuit.

After years of practicing law, Tony Petrello, decided it was time to quite law and pursue something more fulfilling. As a great academician, he could land a good job in any field. In 1991, he got a job at the Nabors Industries where he has been working to date.Over the years, he has ascended through the ranks to become one of the most influential high ranking members in the company. Currently he chairs the board of directors and he is the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Tony Petrello is also the sitting director of the Texas Children’s Hospital in the following: click here.