The Excellent Sustainability Measures of Waiākea Water

The source of Waiākea’s water is in the eastern part of the Mauna Loa volcano. The area is isolated and covered by a rich and biodiverse forest. The company’s Kea’au aquifer is fed by slopes that capture more than 200 inches of pure snow melts and rain water every year. This means that its daily sustainable yield is about 393 million gallons. The water that is provided by the source in a month is sufficient for the whole world in one year. The amount that is bottled by Waiākea is less 0.0001 of 1 percent of what is available. The company currently uses 33 percent renewable energy of which, 25 percent is geothermal.

According to, Waiākea’s sustainability measures enabled it to be awarded the CarbonNeutral® certification in September 2012. The company is committed to preserving the Hawaii ecosystem. From the time when it was founded, Waiākea has been working closely with Ecometrica and the CarbonNeutral®, which are renowned consultants in emission. This has helped the firm in mitigating the environmental effects of its products and business to about zero.

The water bottling company currently uses 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate in manufacturing its bottles. This has a great impact on the environment. The 100 percent RPET bottles are better than the regular plastic bottles since they consume 90 percent less water in manufacturing, use about 85 percent less energy to make and mitigate carbon releases by over 90 percent. The RPET used is of high quality, and therefore, the bottles are BPA free.

Waiākea was established in 2012, and it is the pioneer Hawaiian volcanic water company that is committed to health, sustainability, and the charitable initiatives. The firm is devoted to changing the bottled beverage, water, and the entire CPG sector to have triple bottom line business model that consider people and the environment instead of being profit-based. It has decided to set a good example by using highly sustainable measures. For the years that it has been in business, Waiākea has been acknowledged for its outstanding innovation. The company was the most awarded in the beverage industry of North America in 2015.