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Ampeg Cabinet



Ampeg PF 115HE 1x15 Bass Cabinet


Ampeg Micro-VR Bass Amp Head and SVT210AV Bass Speaker Cabinet Stack


Ampeg 810 AV Anniversary Speaker Cabinet in Custom Road Case! Great condition 


Ampeg SS-212EC stereo 2x12 guitar cabinet


Ampeg BSE115T Bass Cabinet ~ 15" w/ Horn - U.S.A. Upgraded Eminence


Ampeg SVT-210AV 2x10" 200-Watt Bass Cabinet


Ampeg PF-115HE Portaflex Bass Speaker Cabinet CABLE KIT


Ampeg 8x10 SVT810E 810E bass guitar cabinet VERY CLEAN


Ampeg Pro Neo Series PN-210HLF 550W 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet Black //ARMENS//


Ampeg SVT-212AV 600w Classic Series 2-12" Horn-loaded Bass Speaker Cabinet --


Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex 2x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet


Ampeg Micro VR SVT210AV 2x10 Speaker Cabinet


Ampeg SVT410HE Classic Series 4x10 Bass Speaker Cabinet Used


Ampeg PF-112HLF Portaflex Bass Amplifier Cabinet


Ampeg SVT-210AV Micro Classic Bass Cabinet LN


Ampeg MICRO-CL Bass Amp Stack 100-Watt Micro Head with 2x10 Cabinet, New!


Ampeg PF-115LF Portaflex Bass Speaker Cabinet


Ampeg V-412 4x12 electric guitar cabinet SLM USA made


Ampeg SVT-210AV Micro Classic Bass Cabinet


Ampeg Portaflex Series PF-210HE 2x10 "Flip-Top" Bass Amplifier Cabinet


Ampeg Heritage Series SVT-215ea Bass Speaker Cabinet 26"W 16.5"D 49"L


ORIGINAL Vintage Ampeg SVT 6550 Blue Line Cabinet With Original Speakers


Ampeg PF-115LE Bass Cabinet 400 Watts


Ampeg HLF 4x10 Bass Cabinet 4ohm


Ampeg PR-1832 HE Bass Cabinet


Ampeg (2) SVT-210HE 4x10 Bass Cabinets USA American East Bay Area California


Ampeg Portaflex Series PF-115HE 1x15 "Flip-top" Bass Amplifier Cabinet


Ampeg PF-115LF 1x15" 400-Watt Portaflex Bass Cabinet


Ampeg PF-210HE Portaflex Bass Speaker Cabinet CABLE KIT


Ampeg Portaflex PF-410HLF 4x10" Bass Speaker Cabinet


Ampeg SS-150H Guitar Amp Head w/ SS-412ES Speaker Cabinet LOCAL PICKUP ONLY


Ampeg PF-115LF 1-15" Extended Lows Bass Cabinet


Ampeg SVT-610HLF Bass Cabinet Bass Amplifier Cabinet


Ampeg PF-112HLF Portaflex Bass Speaker Cabinet


Ampeg SVT-410HLF 4x10" 500-Watt Bass Cabinet with


Ampeg BXT-115HL4 15 inch Bass Cabinet Vintage Cabinet