Securus Technologies Helping Solve Crimes in the City

When my investigative team is trying to solve a crime, we have several resources we can draw on to help close the case and bring the suspect into custody. We had a real dangerous fugitive on our hands, one of four suspects of a crime ring that managed to avoid capture. While three of his partners sat in jail, he remained on the loose and continued to conduct business as usual.


The four members of this gang were responsible for robbing some of the most wealthiest residences in this community, and although three of the members were already arrested and sitting in jail, somehow we could not locate the fourth member. Despite our efforts to get his family and friends to cooperate, no one was willing to come forward.


My initial plan was to head to the jail and get the other three to try and cut deals, but they all thought they were going to play hard-ball with me. Little did they know that Securus Technologies installed a brand-new inmate communication system earlier in the year, and we were going to listen to them on the phone unlike the ways we used to in the past. This company is dedicated to making the world safer, so we were eager to see how this would play out.


It didn’t take long for the inmates to make calls to family complaining they were not cut in on the cash and how the only remaining suspect has all their money. One inmate went as far as to tell his family to meet our suspect at a location and get some of the money they were owed. We decided to show up instead, and we quickly took the last of the four into custody where all three are awaiting trial and face lengthy sentences.