Paul Mampilly; The Investment World’s Answer To Michael Jordan

There are many parallels between the world of sports and business. Specifically, in the world of investing, where you’re constantly dealing with wins and losses. You are putting your ego on the line with every trade/game and you are only as good as you last one. Paul Mampilly was born in India and emigrated to America with very big dreams. He has certainly achieved them in his investing career, perhaps even surpassing them, possibly by a lot!

Paul Mampilly graduated from the New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering before starting off his investing career. He began as a research assistant at Deutsche Bank. He quickly moved up the ladder and later moved on to managing multi-million dollar accounts for Bankers Trust and ING. He was eventually recruited to be the key money manager for the $6 Billion hedge fund Kinetics International Fund, which during his time there rose to a $25 billion hedge fund. He averaged a 26% annual return while he was the top manager there. He also won the Templeton Investment competition in 2009 with a staggering 76% return, all this during the devastating financial crisis that was going on at the time and all without shorting any stocks. Those numbers are simply unheard of by Wall Street standards. He has since gone on to have even bigger years than his past averages.

Paul Mampilly walked away from the corporate world at the age of 42 with the intention of helping everyday investors achieve the same types of results that he attained for his many multi-millionaire clients over the years. Paul currently runs Profits Unlimited research service, an investment newsletter which has over 600000 subscribers and is growing at an incredible rate as ordinary investors are taking advantage of getting stock picks from this investing legend.