How Maggie Gill Persevered Before and During Leadership at Memorial Health

Margaret “Maggie” Gill is perhaps one of the most hands-on Chief Executive Officers that walked on this planet, for the reason that she has done and is still doing so much for Memorial Health, a company that manages the Memorial University Medical Center located in Georgia.


Maggie Gill was a very intellectual student during her scholastic years. When she went out of the Florida State University, she got her Bachelor’s degree with honors. For a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Gill then entered the Saint Leo University within the same state. In addition to that, she took a brief course in strategic thinking and management at Wharton School to increase her skills.


Before Maggie Gill became an important member of Memorial Health, she was the Chief Financial Officer for Tenet South Florida Health System for five years. This job post enabled her to work at the North Shore Medical Center, the Coral Gables Hospital, and the Palmetto General Hospital which are all within Florida as well. Her contributions to this company were not left undetected by her superiors at the time, as she received a total of three Tenet Outstanding CFO Awards while she was there.

When Maggie Gill got hired by Memorial University Medical Center in 2004, she held the vice presidency position for the finance or managed care department, and then encouraged to the Chief Finance Officer post by 2005. During the period in which Memorial Health could not decide on who would be the next CEO and President after the last one stepped down, it was Maggie who temporarily filled in the spot. However, she did not have to vacate her place at the helm of the company because the Board of Directors and other executives voted for her to obtain the roles above permanently in 2011.

Memorial Health

Her work in Memorial Health is not for the faint of heart, as Maggie Gill directly manages all the vice presidents and medical heads of the company. Also, she handles various matters within MUMC, including government and physician relations, auditing, and financial management and assistance, to name a few.

Under Maggie Gill’s leadership, the company attained many accolades from the recent 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards created by the Georgia Medical Society. The achievements focused on The Primary Care Accelerated Track Program and Teen Drivers Program that they currently have, as well as select sponsors, organizations, and physicians who support the medical center tirelessly.

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