Honey Birdette’s Recipe for International Success

The concept for Honey Birdette was eloquently simple in nature. Craft a store that was absolutely drenched in luxury, from the decor to the champagne. Fill the store with the finest in high end lingerie. Bring in a team of highly knowledgeable “Honeys” to wow store visitors and make the shopping experience an absolute delight that couldn’t help but warrant word of mouth references from store visitors. Repeat.

That recipe for success has spurred the growth of Eloise Monaghan’s Honey Birdette boutique concept from a singular location to 55 locations sprinkled throughout Australia. In 2016 Monaghan decided to test out her flawless recipe in the United Kingdom. She opened three locations – in London, Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate – and discovered very quickly that her concept not only was well received, but generated a demand for a national rollout of Honey Birdette locations across the UK.

And rollout they will. Those three locations will be joined by 37 more to total 40 Honey Birdette boutiques across the UK by the end of 2018. This is incredible news for what started as one location just 20 years ago. The stores will open in phrases and Phase 1 will include prominent places like Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds. Locations for Phase 2 and beyond are not yet released. Mums the word, but a recent article also made it look as though other European cities may be on the radar to serve as a Honey Birdette home.

As it grows, Honey Birdette will continue to offer the same top quality lingerie and accessories available globally. It will also continue to have all the glam and lavishness that can be expected from a boutique of its quality. As any Honey can attest, the real treat in visiting a Honey Boutique location comes not only from what you take home in your bag, but from the fun and frills had in the store itself.