Eric Pulier: The Life of A Brilliant Thinker

Information technology is an industry that has been one of the most popular, fascinating and profitable industries of all-time. Some of the most highly intelligent people on the planet have worked in this field. Technologist Eric Pulier is no exception as he has done some amazing things for over 20 years. This guy is known as a brilliant thinker, and he uses his mind to come up with solutions for disenfranchised communities across the globe. Pulier can also been thought of as a “jack of all trades” kind of guy because he’s provided solutions for a number of different fields.

Ever since he was a child, Pulier has always had this gift. He always seem to stand out amongst a crowd. While in the fourth grade, he programmed his very first computer. His high school years were no different as he would go on to start a database computer company. Pulier did pretty well in academics and these high test scores would eventually send him to the prestigious Harvard University. While at Harvard, he would be consumed by a number of projects. He worked as a student journalist and wrote a very successful column for the Harvard Crimson publication. Pulier was already the editor at the same institution, and he managed to take extra classes at MIT. By 1988, Pulier would graduate magna cum laude and by 1991, he would move to Los Angeles to begin his professional career.

People Doing Things was one of his first founded professional companies, and it provided technological solutions for the healthcare and the education fields of work. He was also a part of the development for Starbright World. This was one of the very first private social media networks for chronically ill children. This network connected over 700 children, and it allowed them to share their perspectives with one another. Pulier was also chosen to develop the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for former President Bill Clinton. This exhibit would showcase the advancements in technology, and the exhibit was displayed across numerous cable news networks. Pulier would go on to be a founder and co-founder of at least 15 companies. This includes XPRIZE, Service Mesh Incorporated, Desktone, US Interactive and Akana Software.

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