About Equities First Holdings

Since the company’s inauguration in 2002 Equities First Holdings has continued to be a major stock trade capital and alternative financial solutions provider. Most customers currently rely on the company‚Äôs services for both professional and personal goals. The agency has been reputable for providing public exchange and other traded capital shares all over the globe. With over seven hundred successful transactions, the company has relayed multi-billion high loan-to-values financial services to many clients all over the world who like these loans due to their fixed low-interest rates.

Equities First Holdings operates in more than ten countries and has separate agencies in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indianapolis, Indiana, Switzerland, and Australia.

The Australian agency is referred to as Pty Ltd Equities First Holdings Australia and has its offices in the central hub of Melbourne. This office has been recently relocated just within Melbourne City, and this new location is planned to attract a lot of customers and create more chances for business clients.

The agency’s Australian business has witnessed a recent upsurge, and given the relocation, the company also plans to maximize the available ample space that will accommodate staff and clients. Pty Ltd First Holdings Equities Australia Managing Director Mitchell Hopwood showed great joy for the new milestone. The new offices are now located along Melbourne287, Victoria Collins Street3000 and clients can reach the agency on +61 3 8688 7191. Besides this organization, Equities Australia also has other separate offices within Australia, and they include the Perth, and Sydney offices.

Equities loans are very innovative and come in handy especially for strategic investments and for business expansion capital. The most interesting thing is that Equities loans are so non-restrictive that customers can opt to use for all purposes and most loans still have a non-recourse agreement.