EOS Provides Several Flavorful, Healthy Lip Balms

Seven years ago, no one had heard of Evolution of Smooth (EOS). Now, the brand is the second best selling lip balm in the United States. After the founders of the company convinced a buyer from Walgreens to feature the lip balms in the store, the demand for the product grew significantly. EOS balms are now sold in most Walgreen’s, Walmart and Target locations. A number of celebrities, including Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift and Christina Aguilera are proud EOS customers as well. EOS has also caught the attention of beauty editors from popular publications like Allure and Cosmo, and the products are often recommended by these magazines. Hit this page, blogwebpedia.com for more amazing features.

EOS lip balm flavors include Summer Fruits, which has a pleasant scent that features notes of melon, peaches and berries. Jump over this page. Vanilla and vanilla mint are also popular flavors, especially during the fall and winter months. EOS is also known for original lip balm flavors like honeysuckle honeydew, which has a scent that is both floral and fruity notes. Get the latest video here on youtube.com. Lip balms from Evolution of Smooth contain a number of beneficial natural ingredients, such as vitamin E, which keeps the lips free from wrinkles and dryness. The products are also made with shea butter, which shield the lips from the sun’s harsh rays.

For more information on EOS products, watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk