Dherbs.com May Be Replacing the Traditional Diet


Dherbs.com was founded by AD Dolphin in 2004. The company headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. In case you have not heard of Dherbs before, it has had quite a lot of media attention in the 12 years since it was founded. For example Dherbs Detox body Cleanse was recognized by Shape magazine in 2014 as one of the top 10 diets of the year. Dherbs.com was featured on the Steve Harvey Morning show and on the D. L. Hughley Show.


If a person is interested in a body cleanse, try dherbs.com They not only have body cleanses for adults, they also have a cleanse for children. It’s a liquid extract that works well with organic foods that can be the main staples of a child’s diet. It’s important to check with a pediatrician before starting any child on a detox diet. The doctor has information on children’s detox diets.


Detoxifying the body for adults. Dherbs.com has different pills in their online store, for different things related to body detoxification including cardiovascular, kidneys, blood lympthatic, and more. During a 20 day detoxification, it’s recommended that no cooked foods are eaten. The six herbal supplements are taken on a time schedule regiment. There’s also a 20 day detox for anti-virus that’ll strengthen the immune system against colds, allergies, the flu, and more.


Dherbs.com is selling an ebook that’ll give people suggestions about what to have on a body detox diet. For people who don’t want to cleanse for nearly three weeks, there are some 10 day cleanses that focus on many things including blood, colon, heart, kidney, and more.



Dherbs also sells Detox water in 24- 16.9 ounce bottles. It has minerals and electrolytes that boost energy and will go well with the full body detox diet.  The official Tumblr account of Dherbs.com goes into greater detail.


There’s Club Dherbs. Membership gives members great discounts towards all products. Membership in this club will give members great discounts towards all their products. People who sign up for this membership will be anxious to try more of Dherbs detoxing products for a better effect on their bodily health.

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