Cotemar Is The Top Oil Company To Work For In Mexico

Cotemar is a company that provides specialized support services for the oil industry since the 1970s. Although they do not pump oil themselves, they provide transportation, food, and accommodation for the workers of oil platforms. They employ several thousand employees that are spread into different positions across Mexico.

The company is also dedicated to the upkeep upgrades of hardware used in the oil extraction process. They have a fleet of high-tech vessels that are used to transport works to provide the maintenance jobs in a timely manner. Read more: Cotemar | LinkedIn

Their logistics network is responsible for transporting vital tools, equipment, construction materials, food and transporting fuel. They also have vessels that are capable of towing broken down ships or large structures. This, by far, is an essential wing of the company.

Cocinas Del Mar is the catering wing of the company. They provide for their hospitality services that are located both on land and on the offshore rigs. They have rich, nutritious, and culturally diverse cuisine that will fully satisfy the caloric needs of the hardworking roughnecks. They abide by safety standards that are just as good as kitchens in the first world.

With the stigma that follows the oil industry, Cotemar is obligated to have a social responsibility for their employees. Their workers are not simply about making the company profit, Cotemar provides benefits, educational and job skills opportunities to advance their careers.

Cotemar is also doing good by promoting social programs in the communities of their employees. They also support community projects with healthcare, sports facilities and more.

The environmental impact of the oil industry has a bad reputation, so Cotemar is going above and beyond to protect the environment. Their company has adopted modernized environmental standards to reduce the footprint of their company. They contribute to various environmental organizations to make sure that the earth is clean and safe for our future generations.

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