ClassDojo Encourages Parental Involvement In School

ClassDojo is a popular new app that is focused on promoting the communication between teachers, students, and parents. It can be used on any smartphone, tablet, or computer so it is very easy to use and makes for a convenient tool to improve the amount of involvement parents have in their child’s education. It has also proved to be beneficial to the students because it creates a fun way in which they strive to perform well and earn Class Dojo points.

One of the many great things about ClassDojo is that it is such a good tool to use in order to save time for teachers. Since the accomplishments of the student can easily be recorded just one simple click, the teacher does not have to stress about writing up reports later on. It is also a vast improvement to the widely used method of marking the chalk board to keep up with students. Since the app travels with you on the smartphone, the teacher is able to record behavior when they are on the go or walking through the hallways. Parents and teachers are also loving data sharing option because it is an easy way to track how the class and individual students performed that day. Every week, these charts on behavior are summarized and emailed out to the parents so they can check to see that their child is doing well. It pertains to things like education, social, and behavioral actions.

By increasing the parent’s involvement, it leads to students that are more encouraged to succeed in school. ClassDojo also features and instant messaging portion so that parents and teachers are able to communicate vey quickly about something that might be important. ClassDojo can also be used as a great conversation point between a parent and their child because it is so fun to use.