Omar Yunes 101

Omar Yunes is truly one of his kind, a diamond in the rough – and Mexico has many diamonds. This entrepreneur knows how to tap into investment like it’s no one’s business; he does it better than most, and that’s an understatement. This Mexican finance investor currently represents none other than Sushi Itto.

In recent news, Yunes was titled “The BFW” or “Best Franchisee in the World” by Mexicano and The competition recently took place in beautiful Florence, Italy. Sushi Itto, the Japanese food chain that Yunes so proudly represents, placed fifth in the competition – and on a global scale. This says everything. In fact, Yunes now holds 13 locations in Mexico, all of which are fully owned and operated by his careful hand; did you know that he took over this business at the mere age of 21? That alone speaks wonders to his testimony and potential overall.

Since Yunes won the competition, it spoke well to Mexico’s food reputation as well. Mexico was honored to have placed a top spot and only hopes for further success in the years to come – all of which Yunes has already promised to deliver. We will see. Also, nearly 10 percent of all Sushi Itto franchises are owned by Yunes; this means that the 13 he owns are only 1/10 of all the locations – not to mention the dozens more that have promised to open in the next three years alone. The future is exciting for this business and for Yunes alone.

Customer Service
Excellent customer service and hospitality collaboration are what Yunes attributes his recent success to: He notes that any team without one or more of its members is an incomplete team, and that is why he has pushed his employees and executive staff to excellence every time; he always knew that they were capable of greater things. He also mentioned that every employee in each branch of business – from the top-tier execs to the company janitors – has a crucial role to play in the safety and professionalism of all daily operations.

Honey Birdette’s Recipe for International Success

The concept for Honey Birdette was eloquently simple in nature. Craft a store that was absolutely drenched in luxury, from the decor to the champagne. Fill the store with the finest in high end lingerie. Bring in a team of highly knowledgeable “Honeys” to wow store visitors and make the shopping experience an absolute delight that couldn’t help but warrant word of mouth references from store visitors. Repeat.

That recipe for success has spurred the growth of Eloise Monaghan’s Honey Birdette boutique concept from a singular location to 55 locations sprinkled throughout Australia. In 2016 Monaghan decided to test out her flawless recipe in the United Kingdom. She opened three locations – in London, Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate – and discovered very quickly that her concept not only was well received, but generated a demand for a national rollout of Honey Birdette locations across the UK.

And rollout they will. Those three locations will be joined by 37 more to total 40 Honey Birdette boutiques across the UK by the end of 2018. This is incredible news for what started as one location just 20 years ago. The stores will open in phrases and Phase 1 will include prominent places like Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds. Locations for Phase 2 and beyond are not yet released. Mums the word, but a recent article also made it look as though other European cities may be on the radar to serve as a Honey Birdette home.

As it grows, Honey Birdette will continue to offer the same top quality lingerie and accessories available globally. It will also continue to have all the glam and lavishness that can be expected from a boutique of its quality. As any Honey can attest, the real treat in visiting a Honey Boutique location comes not only from what you take home in your bag, but from the fun and frills had in the store itself.

The Excellent Sustainability Measures of Waiākea Water

The source of Waiākea’s water is in the eastern part of the Mauna Loa volcano. The area is isolated and covered by a rich and biodiverse forest. The company’s Kea’au aquifer is fed by slopes that capture more than 200 inches of pure snow melts and rain water every year. This means that its daily sustainable yield is about 393 million gallons. The water that is provided by the source in a month is sufficient for the whole world in one year. The amount that is bottled by Waiākea is less 0.0001 of 1 percent of what is available. The company currently uses 33 percent renewable energy of which, 25 percent is geothermal.

According to, Waiākea’s sustainability measures enabled it to be awarded the CarbonNeutral® certification in September 2012. The company is committed to preserving the Hawaii ecosystem. From the time when it was founded, Waiākea has been working closely with Ecometrica and the CarbonNeutral®, which are renowned consultants in emission. This has helped the firm in mitigating the environmental effects of its products and business to about zero.

The water bottling company currently uses 100 percent recycled polyethylene terephthalate in manufacturing its bottles. This has a great impact on the environment. The 100 percent RPET bottles are better than the regular plastic bottles since they consume 90 percent less water in manufacturing, use about 85 percent less energy to make and mitigate carbon releases by over 90 percent. The RPET used is of high quality, and therefore, the bottles are BPA free.

Waiākea was established in 2012, and it is the pioneer Hawaiian volcanic water company that is committed to health, sustainability, and the charitable initiatives. The firm is devoted to changing the bottled beverage, water, and the entire CPG sector to have triple bottom line business model that consider people and the environment instead of being profit-based. It has decided to set a good example by using highly sustainable measures. For the years that it has been in business, Waiākea has been acknowledged for its outstanding innovation. The company was the most awarded in the beverage industry of North America in 2015.


Thanks to Highland Capital Management, the hippo has returned to the Dallas Zoo hippo outpost. The company made a huge donation through its co-founder; philanthropist known as James Dondero. Dondero’s passion for philanthropy work has seen the development of many sectors in the Dallas area. Some of them include the comeback of the hippo outpost in Dallas zoo which was constructed with amazing mastery.

The outpost was built on the Highland Capital Lodge sector and it includes a spectacular view of the hippo in their natural habitat and other unique displays.The outpost was built on a 2.1-acre land and other features it has, including a 2× 8 feet submerged viewing area to make the reality of the viewing more explicit and an African waterhole with a 120,000-gallon habitat. In addition to this, the lodge holds private events and the proceeds go to the development fund of the zoo.

It cost 14 million dollars for James Dondero and fellow philanthropists who include Eugene McDermott Foundation, Diane and Hal Brierlry, Harold and Simmons Foundation to make the dream of a hippo in America come true. The last hippo of the zoo which was called Papa died in 2001 and the outpost was automatically abandoned. The Dallas Zoo CEO and the president were elated at the construction and presence of the hippo. Thanks to the arrival of the over 3,000-pound hippos, the zoo has already reported a rise in visitors. The mayor, Mr. Mike Rawlings was also happy that the zoo has managed to surpass the capability of many modern zoos.

The Hippo Outpost is housing two hippos Boipelo who is a ten-year-old female weighing 2,395 pounds and Adhama who is a male. The former hippo is from a park in Albuquerque and the latter one is from a Los Angeles Zoo. The animals have been able to settle in the zoo perfectly.

About James Dondero:

James Dondero is the current president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management. The company is the developer of credit oriented solutions for retail investors and institutional investors. Mr.Dondero has more than 30 years experience in the equity and credit industry. His philanthropic work is also immeasurable as he has been involved in a lot of charity work.

Find more information on James Dondero on LinkedIn.


About Equities First Holdings

Since the company’s inauguration in 2002 Equities First Holdings has continued to be a major stock trade capital and alternative financial solutions provider. Most customers currently rely on the company’s services for both professional and personal goals. The agency has been reputable for providing public exchange and other traded capital shares all over the globe. With over seven hundred successful transactions, the company has relayed multi-billion high loan-to-values financial services to many clients all over the world who like these loans due to their fixed low-interest rates.

Equities First Holdings operates in more than ten countries and has separate agencies in London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indianapolis, Indiana, Switzerland, and Australia.

The Australian agency is referred to as Pty Ltd Equities First Holdings Australia and has its offices in the central hub of Melbourne. This office has been recently relocated just within Melbourne City, and this new location is planned to attract a lot of customers and create more chances for business clients.

The agency’s Australian business has witnessed a recent upsurge, and given the relocation, the company also plans to maximize the available ample space that will accommodate staff and clients. Pty Ltd First Holdings Equities Australia Managing Director Mitchell Hopwood showed great joy for the new milestone. The new offices are now located along Melbourne287, Victoria Collins Street3000 and clients can reach the agency on +61 3 8688 7191. Besides this organization, Equities Australia also has other separate offices within Australia, and they include the Perth, and Sydney offices.

Equities loans are very innovative and come in handy especially for strategic investments and for business expansion capital. The most interesting thing is that Equities loans are so non-restrictive that customers can opt to use for all purposes and most loans still have a non-recourse agreement.

A Review Of The Functions Undertaken By Avaaz

In different Asian, Middle East and European Languages, Avaaz means voice. The organization was incorporated in 2007 with the mission of organizing the populace of all countries to work towards closing the gap between the world that people are living in and the world that everyone desires to have.
Over the years, Avaaz has empowered millions of people to take actions on various national, regional and pressing global issues, ranging from climate change and corruption to conflict and poverty. The entity’s model of internet allows individuals to make their efforts, however small. When all these efforts are combined, they become a powerful voice for change.
The company uses 15 languages to pass their messages across. Avaaz’s core team is found in six continents. In addition, the company has been benefiting from the services of thousands of volunteers. The corporation takes action by funding different media campaigns, engaging in direct actions, calling and lobbying governments, emailing, signing petitions and organizing “offline” events and protests. Avaaz undertakes all these operations for purposes of ensuring that the values and views of the people are used to inform the decisions that affect all human beings.
Today, Avaaz is using advanced technology and global interdependence to work on any issue that is affecting the public. This way, the entity has been able to undertake campaigns of extraordinary nimbleness, scale, focus and flexibility. Through its single global team, the organization has been able to have a large online community that calls attention to emerging issues. This community plays a pivotal role in channeling public concern to targeted campaigns of urgent emergency.
Every week, Avaaz polls and tests 10,000-member random samples with the objective of finding initiatives that have a strong response. This way, the staffs talk to members who suggest the actions that can be taken for purposes of ensuring that a given campaign is successful. Notably, Avaaz does not accept funding from corporations or governments. They are member-funded.

Omar Yunes, The Finest Franchisee Globally

The reason behind the fame Omar Yunes is due to his ability to be among the exemplary business tycoons. It is also important to acknowledge the fact that he is the finest competitor globally.

What makes him unique from his competitors is the way he makes his judgments. The outcome of it is that it often bridges a significant gap with the competitors. The implication is that this acts as a strength for him over his competitors. Usually, he motivates his workers in addition to the encouragement. The reason behind all this is the demonstration of the qualities of leadership, being inventive as well as being capable of executing the plans agreed upon.

His fame intensified upon his emergence as the winner of the Best Franchise of the World (BFW). The event happened in Italy particularly Florence. He was as young as 21 years when he turns out to be the Japanese cuisine’s franchisee. Currently, he is an owner of 13 franchise units whose base is in Veracruz, Puebla, as well as Mexico City in Mexico. His happiness has always been behind his opportunities to represent his workers who are active in their duties in the workplace.

It is important to acknowledge the fact the race to becoming the winner in the BFW competition was stiff. It is evident by the participation of a variety of countries of both the South as well as Western America. The critical points considered in the course of the assessment consisted of some factors. Such include the way the companies facilitated the addition of knowledge that they already had, workers’ motivation, and the influence that the companies had in line with experience.

Being a high-status award, BFW attracted several shareholders internationally. The importance of this to the business of Omar is that his company intensified and gained recognition in both Mexico as well as globally. This also enabled increased acknowledgment and appreciation globally. Many officials categorize him under exemplary contributors due to his specific parameters in pawnshops across his network.

Other know Omar for his distinct generosity whose outcome is the attraction of customers and outdoing the competitors.