Dr. David Samadi Leading Oncologist and Robotic Surgery Expert

     Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery and Urology Department’s Chairman at the Lenox Hill Hospital. Dr. David Samadi is also the certified urologic oncologist and has conducted hundreds of traditional as well as laparoscopic surgeries over the years. Dr. David Samadi is concerned about the increasing cases of prostate cancer in the society and feels that many of the cases he handles on day to day basis can be curbed if the patients would have done prostate cancer screenings earlier on. It is why he has recently started a drive to create a greater awareness in the society about prostate cancer. In his endeavor to create a larger awareness among men about prostate cancer, he has launched a Prostate Cancer Support Group at the Lenox Hill Hospital.

At the Lenox Hill Hospital, the prostate cancer support group would be started from September, and it would help the patients of prostate cancer as well as their family members. The survivors of prostate cancer can also become the part of the group. He feels that it is important for the people to talk about prostate cancer and share their concerns as it is what would help them get rid of the additional stress they feel due to the disease. Many men who are suffering from prostate cancer often find it difficult to talk about what they are going through or their feelings after being diagnosed with the disease. The Prostate Cancer Support Group would make it easier for the patients to talk about their concerns and would be able to find the support they need to go through the treatment. It is essential for the mental stability of the patient as well as helps them stay active during the treatment phase.

One of the primary reasons why Dr. David Samadi has started prostate Cancer Support Group is to create awareness among the people to go for prostate cancer screenings. As many of the patients do not go for screenings, cancer continues to thrive till it becomes almost irreversible or reaches the advanced stage. Such a situation can be avoided if the patient applies to screenings and know for sure that there are no symptoms that they should be worried about or if there are any corrective measures that need to be taken. Dr. David Samadi is also the medical contributor at Fox News for the past eight years and has featured at many of the medical shows hosted by the channel.

See: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dr-david-samadi-launches-prostate-cancer-support-group-at-lenox-hill-hospital-300521659.html


Understanding the Success Journey and Successes of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Jenifer Walden is one of the few accomplished women in the cosmetic surgery field. As such, she has become a role model for many women and young girls, especially in the US. Over the years, she has risen into a prominent figure and well sought after specialist who stacks up against her male counterparts in the same field. As a testament to her accomplishments, Dr. Jennifer Walden is a certified plastic surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Education Background and Work Experience

Walden received her biology degree from the University of Texas. Upon completion, she joined the University of Texas Medical branch. To that end, Dr. Jennifer was the second-highest graduate of her graduating class. She later joined the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital for her fellowship, which was led by Sherrell Aston, the department chairperson.

Upon culminating her fellowship, Dr. Walden began her career at the New York-based Upper East Side for about seven and a half years. In December 2011, she decided to go back home to her native area, Austin. This idea was mainly propelled by the birth of her twin sons. In Texas, Walden did not give up on her profession, as she launched her practice situated in Westlake Hills followed by a satellite branch in Marble Falls, which she opened in 2014. Today, she is known as the founder of Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC and the Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC.

Other Accomplishments and Membership

Aside from being a successful plastic surgeon, Dr. Walden has appeared severally on various TV stations including E!, VH1, ABC News and Fox News among others. She also sits on several boards including the Modern Aesthetics’ and Plastic SurgeryPractice’s Editorial Board of Directors. Furthermore, Dr. Jennifer Walden is the co-author of the textbook titled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Celebrity Doctor David Samadi

     This article by Dr. David Samadi is all about questions women should ask about menopause before experiencing it. Menopause affects every woman different but they all go through it when they start to age. He also explains why these ten questions about menopause are important to ask before going through it. Dr. David Samadi explains that it is hard to tell when someone will go through menopause but the average age is 51. Perimanopause is what happens right before menopause begins. The most common symptom out of all from menopause is hot flashes. Most women get them when they go through menopause. Dr. David Samadi says that every woman experiences hot flashes differently. Some may only have them for a little while and others may have them for years. Because a woman’s estrogen production lessens, the bones are affected because of the amount of calcium in the bones.

This other article, again by Dr. David Samadi is about the top behaviors of sexually healthy men. Every man loves sex and we all know that of course, but how a man takes care of himself now will definitely affect his sexual performance in the future. At 20 something years old it may seem easy to have sex but once men start to age, sex might not be as satisfying, but it all depends on their health. Dr. David Samadi explains how eight important steps can help prevent sexual problems in the future. Exercising enough, eating healthy, having annual checkups, drinking less alcohol, quit smoking, practicing kegel exercises, stress management, and not doing illegal drugs are the eight important steps. It is pretty common sense, right? These are all steps everyone should be doing anyways. If men follow these steps, they will not have erectile dysfunctions, lack of desire, lack of performance, and fatigue.

Dr. David Samadi is a well known urologist. He identifies and treats urologic diseases, like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and also kidney cancer. He attended Stony Brook University, where he got his degree in biochemistry. After that, he attended Stony Brook School of Medicine, where he earned his Masters Degree. He then finished his postgraduate training in urology at Montefiore Medical Center and also in proctology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. David Samadi then finished an oncology fellowship in proctology as well as a robotic radical prostatectomy fellowship. He is now a very successful, celebrity doctor.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Team Up With Others To Offer Prostate Cancer Screenings

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is partnering up with LabCorp and the National Football League Alumina Association to educate men about prostate screenings. From September 1 to October 15, men who are 40 or older can receive a free prostate screening. They do have to meet eligibility requirements and only 2,000 men will be eligible.

The Chief of Radiation Oncology at Cancer Treatment Centers of America,Sean Cavanaugh, will be in attendance throughout campaign events. The CEO of LabCorp will also be in attendance.

Cavanaugh said the first defense in the fight against cancer is screening. He said that he was proud to be working alongside LabCorp and NFLA to raise awareness for screening, screening techniques and treatment options, such as active surveillance.

The PSA test will not play a role in indicating what kind of treatment the participant should receive. However, the test may reveal whether or not someone is at an increased risk for prostate cancer. If they are, then they can decide whether or not they should see their doctor.

Men who are eligible to participant in the PSA screening can visit a Health Testing Center or Prostate Pep Talk. There, they will either receive a free screening or a screening at a discounted rate. LabCorp will perform the testing. LabCorp has a number of service centers located across the country.

If men do test for high PSA, then they are advised to see their doctor as soon as possible. Their doctor will advice what steps should be taken next, after they determine what the patient’s needs are. Just remember, elevate levels of PSA does not always suggest that one has prostate cancer.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America And The NFL

Cancer screenings are a very important part of health management. Some screenings should be done regularly. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America, The National Football League Alumni Association and Lab Corp are partnering together to offer men free prostate cancer screenings (PSA). This service will be done by Lab Corp at any one of their over 1500 medical facilities. The screenings will start in September and last through October. PSA Screenings are free for the first 2000 men who call for appointments. When all of the free slots are filled, qualified men can still receive the screening at a discounted price of only $25. The month of October commemorates Prostate Cancer awareness, and this event is done in an effort to detect early signs of cancer, or eliminate unnecessary worry about the possibility of cancer in anyone who may have risk factors. The American Cancer Society has estimated that over 160,000 new prostate cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2017. That means that one out of every seven men will be tested positive for cancer.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America will host informative campaign events events at each of their hospitals. There was a kick off conference campaign held for this event that featured present and former NFL players who had a special interest in prostate screening and cancer. They or someone close to them battled the disease. The scheduled events will have in attendance community leaders, a cancer education and support network, NFL players, doctors, radiologists, advocates and survivors. The events are being held in Atlanta Georgia, Tulsa Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, and Chicago Illinois. The first defense against this and any cancer is screening. These PSA screenings and campaign events are to raise awareness, and improve the health and lives of men in every state of the nation.

Highland Capital Management: A Global Alternative Credit Manager with a Proactive Management Approach to Charities

Highland Capital Management is one of the largest global alternative credit managers today. It specializes in collateralized loan obligations (CLOs), separate accounts, long-only funds, special and distressed-situation private equity, and credit hedge funds. The company also offers alternative investments like emerging markets, natural resouces, and long/short equities.

Being a SEC-registered investment adviser, the company together with affiliates has assets in the region of $15.4. Highland was founded in 1993 by two astute business men, James Dondero and Mark Okada. Its diversified clients’ base covers public pension plans, endowments, foundations, financial institutions, high net-worth individuals, governments, fund of funds, and corporations. Headquartered in Dallas, the company maintains offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and New York.

Highland Capital Management is a unique company. It always brings a new dimension to the way things are done. The company’s handling of its charitable donations bear this coloration. With more than $3 million earmarked as annueal philanthropic budget and a team of donor service and philanthropic experts led by Mary Jalonick, CEO and President of The Dallas Foundation, one cannot expect anything less. However,while its business platform is purely global, the company proudly invests the lion’s share of his giving locally

Community matters always get positive response from Highland Capital Management. Aside investing in the financial markets, the company also invests heavily in communities hosting its offices and employees. Over the years, Highland has made tremendous difference in these places through financial donations, advisory board involvement and volunteerism to both national nonprofit organizations and local community groups. Records show that over $10 million have been disbursed by the company to organizations around the globe since 2005.

A good example of the many philanthropic works of the company is the $1 million challenge grant given to the Family Place Legacy Campaign to support victims of family violence. The news of the grant was made public by James Dondero. The Highland’s grant was a big boost to realizing the campaign fund-raising goal.

By supporting the Legacy Campaign, Highland, one more time, showed to all and sundry that it truly cares.

Be Ready to move to the Cloud with NuoDB SQL database

Do you want to be the leader in the market? Are you ready to move forward with the crowd? Or are you ready to just start while ahead of the crowd? If the answers to those questions are yes, then, NuoDB is the best database for you.

This is an SQL BDMS that has an ability to work in the cloud. That implies that you can move all your applications to the cloud deploy new ones or renovate the available ones to fit the current architecture. Why do you think that is possible?

NuoDB is designed in such that it will be integrated into the old relation DBs and still work. Also, NuoDB is flexible; it has that ability to grow with your business with affecting the storage capacity needed. Lastly, it is relatively cheaper but still on demand.

Why do you need NuoDB? In short, this is a database which is in the form of a NewSQL. This means that it combines old and new properties of SQL databases. Old SQL commands and statements can just be used to establish ACID properties and also upload documents to the cloud.

NuoDB gives you the quickest searching and data retrieving period. This is due to the availability of a caching system. This caching system is also made to support cloud elasticity. So if you were conversant with the old SQL databases, never mind, NuoDB is friendly.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Debuts New Tech

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have announced a brand-new innovation in cancer treatment. The world-renowned cancer hospital has teamed up with Allscripts and NantHealth to launch this new initiative. It is an instant and online resource for cancer treatment doctors that can lead to better treatments and outcomes.

The Clinical Pathways initiative gives oncologists instant access to all sorts of data that can help a patient at the point of care. This includes drug toxicity. If the patient is receiving a certain drug that may interact poorly with a treatment, that information will be contained in the Clinical Pathways system. It will alert to the doctor immediately so that a path of care can be forged without drug interactions.

One of the most impressive things about this new initiative is that it works in real time. If a new study is just published with cutting edge cancer information, the Clinical Pathways system will immediately integrate the information. This gives oncologists at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America the newest and best information right there at the point of care.

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals across the United States that all have one mission — cure cancer. These hospitals are unique in the fact that they offer the typical treatments for cancer such as chemotherapy, surgery and medication. But the hospital also offers alternative treatments to help mitigate pain, support psychological health and to avoid malnutrition.

This integrative approach to cancer makes for great patient outcomes. Not only will the hospital help the patient fight cancer, it will help in every aspect of life that cancer affects. And there is no treatment or solution off the table. That’s why this new initiative is so exciting for the medical community and for cancer patients across the country.

Omar Yunes 101

Omar Yunes is truly one of his kind, a diamond in the rough – and Mexico has many diamonds. This entrepreneur knows how to tap into investment like it’s no one’s business; he does it better than most, and that’s an understatement. This Mexican finance investor currently represents none other than Sushi Itto.

In recent news, Yunes was titled “The BFW” or “Best Franchisee in the World” by Mexicano and entrepreneur.com. The competition recently took place in beautiful Florence, Italy. Sushi Itto, the Japanese food chain that Yunes so proudly represents, placed fifth in the competition – and on a global scale. This says everything. In fact, Yunes now holds 13 locations in Mexico, all of which are fully owned and operated by his careful hand; did you know that he took over this business at the mere age of 21? That alone speaks wonders to his testimony and potential overall.

Since Yunes won the competition, it spoke well to Mexico’s food reputation as well. Mexico was honored to have placed a top spot and only hopes for further success in the years to come – all of which Yunes has already promised to deliver. We will see. Also, nearly 10 percent of all Sushi Itto franchises are owned by Yunes; this means that the 13 he owns are only 1/10 of all the locations – not to mention the dozens more that have promised to open in the next three years alone. The future is exciting for this business and for Yunes alone.

Customer Service
Excellent customer service and hospitality collaboration are what Yunes attributes his recent success to: He notes that any team without one or more of its members is an incomplete team, and that is why he has pushed his employees and executive staff to excellence every time; he always knew that they were capable of greater things. He also mentioned that every employee in each branch of business – from the top-tier execs to the company janitors – has a crucial role to play in the safety and professionalism of all daily operations.

Honey Birdette’s Recipe for International Success

The concept for Honey Birdette was eloquently simple in nature. Craft a store that was absolutely drenched in luxury, from the decor to the champagne. Fill the store with the finest in high end lingerie. Bring in a team of highly knowledgeable “Honeys” to wow store visitors and make the shopping experience an absolute delight that couldn’t help but warrant word of mouth references from store visitors. Repeat.

That recipe for success has spurred the growth of Eloise Monaghan’s Honey Birdette boutique concept from a singular location to 55 locations sprinkled throughout Australia. In 2016 Monaghan decided to test out her flawless recipe in the United Kingdom. She opened three locations – in London, Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate – and discovered very quickly that her concept not only was well received, but generated a demand for a national rollout of Honey Birdette locations across the UK.

And rollout they will. Those three locations will be joined by 37 more to total 40 Honey Birdette boutiques across the UK by the end of 2018. This is incredible news for what started as one location just 20 years ago. The stores will open in phrases and Phase 1 will include prominent places like Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds. Locations for Phase 2 and beyond are not yet released. Mums the word, but a recent article also made it look as though other European cities may be on the radar to serve as a Honey Birdette home.

As it grows, Honey Birdette will continue to offer the same top quality lingerie and accessories available globally. It will also continue to have all the glam and lavishness that can be expected from a boutique of its quality. As any Honey can attest, the real treat in visiting a Honey Boutique location comes not only from what you take home in your bag, but from the fun and frills had in the store itself.