JHSF’s Emergence as Real Estate Magnet

Outstanding Revenues

With the emerging maturity of real estates in overseas countries, the company has moved ahead of time even to redirect its business attention to recurrent revenue. In the passing of time, the holding has prioritized the implantation of major projects which have subtly got inclusion in administration and development of most shopping centers in its target areas. Other centers that have been subject to this authority include Catharina Integrated Urban Development (comprising Catharina Airport and Catharina Fashion Outlet) and other Luxury hotels. In the recurring revenue sector, there has existed an increase in the important mode through which the company relies on it for income. It, therefore, means that company’s future is rendered secure with this portion of JHSF’s revenue since it is predictable, reliable and stable. Click here to know more.

Who is Jose Auriemo Neto to JHSF?

At JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto commands immense respect from his personnel and other stakeholders in the business. As a CEO, he exhibits an unconditional disposition to his work as he is always disciplined and in most cases spends his time in meetings where he discusses most of the company affairs. Untypical of most CEOs, his meetings get spent not only talking relationships with investors but also explains the smallest details that can affect even the lowest in the hierarchy of his workers. On most occasions, he is seen adorning a helmet moving to the construction sites where he at times supervises the ongoing works. He takes his time to closely monitor whatever the workers do to ensure that they adhere to the strict standards required of the company. To many among his working personnel, he opines that at JHSF, it is usually 10% inspiration while the 90% remains sweat.

From such commitments, JHSF has witnessed tremendous growth in the last quarter of financial year 2016/2017 that ended in June. While releasing his economic forecast at the start of the 2016/2017 financial year, he had estimated that the profit of the company would reach over R $ 240 million by the end of 2016. With the materialization of this forecast, the company amassed 100% profit by achieving an R $ 4 billion. He always points to commitment, consistency, and aggression as the drivers that steer his and the company’s greatness.

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The Background Interests and Career of Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker attended Bennington College in Vermont where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree. He was also a student at the Graduate School of Business Dartmouth. In 1988 Mr. Becker joined Bear Stearns in their private client services department. In 1991, he started a proxy contest with Arnold Palmer with the intention of replacing the senior management of ProGroup and the board of directors. ProGroup supplies golf equipment for Duckster, HotZ and Arnold Palmer. He was successful in the proxy and as the board of directors Chairman he directed the company’s sale in 1994.

In 1994 Arthur Becker founded Bnox and acted as the company’s President and Founder. The company developed an optical technology company who purpose was to create products for the single use camera markets. The company’s products were available at Rite Aid, T Maxx, Wal-Mart and CVS. Click here to know more.

Advance Partners was the next company founded by Mr. Becker. This was a financial advisory company who acquired numerous businesses based in the United Kingdom. They advised the Cendant Corporation in 1998 regarding purchasing a National Car Park for 1.1 Billion GBP.

Arthur Becker and a financial partner founded Atlantic Investors in 2001. They made acquisitions of three data center companies in the United States. He was the company’s CEO for three years made a second public offering and completed ten acquisitions. He focused on the market for enterprise hosting solutions and the cloud services business. He sold the company in 2011 to Time Warner.

Once Mr. Becker had invested in a digital magazine distributor called Zinio he was appointed as CEO and Chairman in 2012. Zinio sells approximately 6,000 different magazines in more than 45 countries. He was the leader in transforming the company to EBITDA profitability and revamped the supply chains focus. Mr. Becker oversaw the acquisition of a company specializing in digital technology operating in Barcelona and Vietnam. Eventually he replaced himself as the company’s CEO and Chairman although he is still a member of the board.

Mr. Becker lives in Miami and New York and is active as a real estate investor and with companies in the field of technological growth.