David McDonald’s Offers Transformative Leadership At OSI Group

David McDonald was born to a humble farming family in Iowa. His parents ensured that their son accessed good education. As a young boy, David went to local schools before joining Iowa State University in 1987. Having spent most of his life at their farm, McDonald believed that his chance to join the university should be used to improve the agricultural industry in the United States. To this end, he enrolled for a bachelor’s degree in animal science.

McDonald graduated from the University in 1991 and joined OSI Industries in Chicago. David managed to rise through the corporate ladder to serve in various management positions. In the last 26 years, he has risen to become the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group. This extraordinary achievement has enabled him to be one of the most revered leaders in the competitive industry. He is a recipient of the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award.

OSI Group’s efforts to dominate the Chinese market started in 1992. Over the years, David has helped to advance the company’s expansionary efforts by providing innovative business strategies that have resulted in the establishment of new processing facilities in the Far East country. The company is the primary supplier of processed food to the McDonald’s and other major food retail brands.

David’s visionary leadership has enabled the company to achieve much success in different fronts, including supplying 113 tons of beef, chicken, eggs, dehydrated onions, and pork to be consumed during the Beijing Olympics. No complaint was raised by any company meaning that he satisfied the utilities of these institutions.

David McDonald OSI Group is based in Aurora, Illinois. He is in charge of 56 processing facilities owned by OSI Group. These factories are spread across 17 countries. OSI continues to open more facilities in different parts of the world, especially in China given that the country ranks as the largest poultry producer.