Jeffry Schneider – A Man Filled with Financial Success

Jeffry Schneider, an alumnus of the university of Massachusetts where he got a bachelor of science is the founder of a very reputable organization known as Ascendant capital. The organization which has been running since 2008 to date is a boutique investment firm that provides reasonable strategies to investors to ensure they maximize their income.

Ascendant capital works with quite a range of investors from private offices to private banks. Despite the fact that this organization is new to the block it has shown great success and Jeffry with his team are in no hurry to relax but instead are looking into working to get to the unattainable. Jeffry Schneider started his career when he entered the financial services industry with firms such as Smith Barney and Alex brown and has been growing ever since.

The Ascendant capital has experienced great growth under Jeffry Schneider’s leadership with employees increasing to more than two dozen in number and the organization making profits worth nearly a billion dollars. The organization ensures employees work in a friendly environment with open communication and having a dedicated leader such as Jeffry Schneider who is driven by excellence nothing below great standards is expected from them.

Apart from being a great leader and a successful business man he participates in races and competition to ensure he is living the healthiest life. Competing in this races has taken him to various parts of the world as a competitor. He loves traveling with family and one of his preferred destinations is Budapest. He is a man who even with his great success has not forgotten to give back to the society, he supports various foundations such as Cherokee home for children and God love we deliver. This is a man who portrays all the needed aspects in the current business world.

Making Money Seems to Come Naturally to Todd Lubar

Some persons just seem to have what it takes to easily make money. There are some young professionals that can attain startup funds without batting an eye; and others that make money like it was growing on trees. The latter is true of Todd Lubar. He is and truly remains an exceptional business personality in the field of mortgage banking and brokering and the financial industry.


Todd made his entry into the real estate industry in 1995. He knew instinctually that he was interested in becoming involved in the business. Todd had a strong yearning to assist consumers in reaching their financial goals. It was at this juncture that Lubar told himself he would involve himself in the real estate profession.


He began his journey as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. Todd, learned, within a relative short period of time, how to perform the necessary procedures in order to get his clients accepted for conventional loan arrangements. He further established quick and life-long rapports with persons in the real estate marketing industry, financial planning professions, and insurance industry. The preceding type of professional representatives are part of Lubar’s extensive network of business contacts.


Todd, moved his career a step further, by acquiring an equity position within the Legacy Financial Group. In doing so, he was able to expand upon his lending options; providing his client base with a greater sampling of products and services. He could broker loans to investors on the outside; and still work in the capacity of a mortgage banker.


Lubar, in 2002, decided to take his financial focus up one level. He opened up a limited liability corporation by the name of Legendary Properties, LLC. The preceding company was a residential development organization. Within this company, he performed the services of buying, rehabbing and selling houses. He was able to profit from over two-hundred transactions, through the company. His transactions included that of single-family homes and multiple units. He further developed his network of professionals while at Legendary Properties. The network consisted of persons and companies engaged in the construction trade. He needed to establish such contacts in order to assure the properties, which he purchased, were turned over in a timely manner. He established, too, a rapport with primary banking establishments. Todd, in so doing, was able to grow his line of credit as high as twenty-million dollars.


During 2003, Lubar maintained his involvement within the industry of mortgage banking. He opened up a subsidiary company referred to as Charter Funding. The affiliation with Charter made it possible for Todd to increase his business even further.


Todd, at this point, had made observations of the market for over a twelve-year period. He noticed, in so doing, a market niche that was going unnoticed. As a result of it, he established a limited liability corporation: Legendary Financial, LLC. The limited liability corporation was an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC. The company was set up as a commercial lending source for individuals and corporations. He made use of Legendary Funding’s liquidity as well as his own funds to lend money to borrowers who otherwise would have been passed by, by traditional banks and other traditional lending sources. Todd, in so doing, was involved in over seven-thousand transactions. He, by this point, was very good at analyzing the overall risk that the borrower presented to the lender. He easily could formulate lending decisions, based on his ability to assess this risk.


The mortgage industry experienced some major changes during the time period of 2007 to 2008. Lubar, during this period of time, became involved in several other business models. He worked in the administrative end of a dismantling service; obtaining some very impressive contracts from some of the largest general contracting firms in the United States. He also became involved in the administrative-operations end of a recycling business—which proved highly successful.


Todd is a resident of Bethesda, Maryland. He enjoys spending time with his two children. He mentions that he likes the lifestyle, too, of southern, California.


He takes time off from business affairs traveling and participating in various educational and recreational activities with his children. He mentions that he makes it his rule to continue to better himself. He wishes to become a better person tomorrow than what he is today. He states, too, that he wants to add value to the lives of all the people which he comes in contact, on a daily basis. Probably: it is the preceding selfless attitude that allows Lubar to continue to be a huge financial success. Todd is currently President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC.