The Pursuit Of Law by Ricardo Tosto de Carvalho Oliveira

Contemporary international society is characterized by a broad interrelation between states, individuals, and businesses, which in the context of globalization extend their actions in networks to facilitate trade and interpersonal relationships. International organizations, regional blocs, and consultative associations are instruments of a process of dynamization involving States, elimination of tariff barriers and easing institutional limits, which allows a greater flow of people, goods, services and capital.

One of the pillars of international relations, whether public or private, is the way in which the actor’s dialogue through the legal mechanisms available in the legal system of which they are the part. The actors of the different States, when participating in the development of a legal act, bring their culture and preserve the legal regulations of their legal systems.

The Brazilian legal system is based on the Roman-German tradition, that is, in the civil law. The Constitution of the Federative Republic of Brazil, in force since October 5, 1988, is the supreme law of the country, characterized by its rigor and organizes the country in a Federative Republic integrated by the indissoluble union of states, municipalities and the Federal District. The 26 federal states have autonomy to develop their state constitutions and laws. However, its legislative competence is limited by the principles established in the Federal Constitution. State justice in Brazil is constituted by state courts and district judges also called first instance judges.

Out of the Brazilian Legal system, Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is one of the most prominent Lawyers in Brazil, with his law firm, and he now oversees and takes over the most prominent cases, most of the time, with high-profile clients. With a big portfolio and an ever more significant experience, he is a go-to personality for large enterprises, businessmen, and even government figures. He is a pioneer for many of the processes of law that are now part of the law scene in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto is a member of the Brazilian Bar Association, the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre and the International Bar Association. On top, he has written articles and reviews about Brazilian state of law and will continue to be an advocate for the legal institutions in the Latin American giant.