Rocketship Education is Taking Students to New Heights

Rocketship Education started out in a church in San Jose, California and it is safe to say that they have made quite an impact on education ever since. However, they do not pretend they have understood everything about education and see it as a work in progress. After over 10 years they have learned a few things along the way and the following are some examples of that.

  1. A pioneer of personalized learning, Rocketship was one of the first institutions of its type to integrate technology with education. The institution believes that personalized education is about addressing each student’s unique needs and not just giving them access to technology. This even involves visiting students at their homes, to better understand their environment.
  2. Th Rocketship program ends at grade five. But, taking it all the way to 12th grade may be a tempting proposition. However, at this point in time, the foundation does not believe it is the right move. Mainly because the foundation believes that by doing so it will take away parents interest in being active participants in their child’s future.
  3. This attitude towards expanding to higher classes seems to have worked. Because parents have started to pull together resources and do something about it. An excellent example of this is Karen Martinez, who successfully helped start middle and high schools. The aim here is to get parents also invested in solving the quality of public education.
  4. Segregation in charter schools had gained attention recently. However, most of it is inaccurate. There is a big difference between people from marginalized communities making a choice where to put their kids versus the government deciding who gets to go where. One of the best ways to encourage people from these communities to join is to start hiring the teaching staff from diverse backgrounds as well.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school, started in San Jose California about 10 years ago. The headquarters are in Red Wood city and was founded by two people with technology backgrounds named Preston Smith and John Danner. Their idea to blend adaptive software to their learning model has been successful. Now, there are sixteen of these schools in cities such as Milwaukee, Nashville, Washington D.C and Concord California.