Copa Star Hospital; Introducing a New Concept to Medicine

Copa Star is a luxurious hospital owned by the Rede D’Or. The hospital was opened in October 2016, and it has introduced a new concept in medicine.

It has been designed with state of the art technology which is set to improve disease treatment process. The hospital seats on a 21,000 sq.mts, and it has a total of 155 patient suites, 59 intensive care units, and nine operating rooms. They have hybrid rooms, operating rooms and neurosurgery rooms that are fitted with magnetic resonance and imaging equipment. They have also incorporated the use of robotic medicine and also telemedicine.

The hospital has been designed to cater to all patients regardless of their conditions. However, most of the efforts will be focused on cardiology and neurology. Their goal is to surpass the different hospitals in Brazil that offer these services like Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo.

Unlike most of the other hospitals that have a simple interior décor, the Copa Star Hospital has an elegant lobby that includes different features like; plush sofas, grand piano and art work for the Yutaka Toyota, a Japanese artist. They have also added a restaurant with different cuisines. You don’t have to worry as the restaurant has been maintained according to the health and safety standards.

One of the great features that the hospital has included is the iPads that will be fitted in the patients’ rooms. They have developed an app specifically for the hospital. The patients will be able to use them to control the different features of the hospital like opening and closing the curtains and adjusting the lights. They will also be in a capacity to communicate with the doctors through the video call. The doctors, on the other hand, will also be in a position to post the patient’s radiology results on the iPad.

Most of their efforts have gone to the designing of the ICU rooms. They have included large screens on the walls that will be displaying images from the cameras installed outside the hospital. This is so that they can reduce the loneliness and boredom that the patients feel when in ICU. They are also planning to have the camera in the tallest buildings so that they could display the different landscape images like the beaches.

The hospital has experienced personnel who will take care of you and your family while you are in the hospital. All the nurses in the hospital are registered. They undergo two months of training that equips them with all the information on how to care for the different patients. They are also trained on how to deal with the different scenarios that occur on a daily basis. Visit the hospital’s facebook page.

Erick Lefkofsky And His Selfless Contributions To His Community

Erick Lefkofsky is a remarkable entrepreneur who has displayed his brilliance with a stellar track record. He is a man who has generously contributed towards noble courses and mostly in his Chicago hometown. Most of his contributions have been made in the fields of arts and culture though he has contributed notably in areas like education, technology, Health, and Human Rights. Erick and his wife Liz formed the Lefkofsky Family Foundation that aimed at supporting educational organizations, philanthropic, and scientific causes across the world. Refer to


Erick is known for his primary role in the founding of Groupon; a company he served as the CEO till 2015 when he decided to move onto his next project. He is also known for his major role in the campaign against cancer. In this field, he has adopted a different strategy to combat the ailment that is going to help physicians make significant breakthroughs. Tempus; the name of this company, aims to modernize the fight against cancer by creating a library of clinical and molecular data and an OS that makes the data accessible and most importantly useful.



Tempus gives physicians the ability to offer each patient personalized care through the interactive analytical and the machine learning platform. They also offer genomic sequencing services and also analyze therapeutic and molecular data to enable physicians to make informed decisions based on solid evidence. At Tempus, the treatment of each patient is well documented because it is vital for the treatment of other patients after him as well.


Erick can be described as a serial entrepreneur who began his career in his college days. He has since created, bought, and sold one numerous company. This culminated with the formation of Groupon; which turned out to be a tech darling. He studied at the University of Michigan where he attained Doctor of Jurisprudence and a bachelor’s degree in Arts/Science. He has also authored the book “Accelerated Disruption: Understanding the True Speed of Innovation” in this book Erick Describes how disruptive businesses are founded, developed and sustained. It also provides a framework for making your idea a reality that is both intelligent and conceptual.

What Does the OSI Group Do?

The OSI Group, at its core, serves people who serve people that come into their restaurants. OSI provides food services to restaurants and this helps them to make sure that they are doing the best possible for their clients. While they do not directly serve the people who visit the restaurant, they make sure that they are able to give their best food and services to the people who come to the restaurants by giving the people who are running the restaurant the chance to make sure that they have the best food possible.

In the beginning, the OSI Group started out only supplying fresh food to restaurants. They came from a food market where they sold fresh meat to people who would visit their market. They had this and they were very successful. They actually outgrew the market business and needed to be able to do something more. Because of this, they worked hard to make sure that they were giving their all to all of the clients that they had in the beginning. This led to them getting even larger and expanding to different areas around the country.

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They reached out to different markets in the United States and learned what they needed to be able to be successful. They followed the fresh food trends in these areas and provided the options to the people who were in each of these areas around the United States. They continued to be really successful and this allowed them the chance to see how much more they could grow in the future. They knew that they needed to expand even further if they were going to see the success that they wanted to be able to see in their time doing business.

This meant that OSI Group needed to expand to a global company. They wanted to be able to go global with everything that they had to offer and they wanted to make sure that their global reach was something that was easy for people. There were many things that they could do during their time in different countries. The countries that they were able to serve were very different from what they had in different areas. They had different markets to serve and this meant that they needed to have the products that would be able to help all of the people in these areas.

The OSI Group is not going to stop at where they are at. While they have worked in many different countries, this meant that they were able to do different things. They wanted to make sure that their clients were the best served clients in the industry and that they were getting the most out of the options that the OSI Group had for them. OSI plans to expand even further than what they have. They have reached a lot of areas, but there are some that they have not been able to help. They plan to move to different areas.