Securus Technologies Helping Solve Crimes in the City

When my investigative team is trying to solve a crime, we have several resources we can draw on to help close the case and bring the suspect into custody. We had a real dangerous fugitive on our hands, one of four suspects of a crime ring that managed to avoid capture. While three of his partners sat in jail, he remained on the loose and continued to conduct business as usual.


The four members of this gang were responsible for robbing some of the most wealthiest residences in this community, and although three of the members were already arrested and sitting in jail, somehow we could not locate the fourth member. Despite our efforts to get his family and friends to cooperate, no one was willing to come forward.


My initial plan was to head to the jail and get the other three to try and cut deals, but they all thought they were going to play hard-ball with me. Little did they know that Securus Technologies installed a brand-new inmate communication system earlier in the year, and we were going to listen to them on the phone unlike the ways we used to in the past. This company is dedicated to making the world safer, so we were eager to see how this would play out.


It didn’t take long for the inmates to make calls to family complaining they were not cut in on the cash and how the only remaining suspect has all their money. One inmate went as far as to tell his family to meet our suspect at a location and get some of the money they were owed. We decided to show up instead, and we quickly took the last of the four into custody where all three are awaiting trial and face lengthy sentences.


Securus Technologies Shuts Down Flow Of Contraband Inside Prisons With New Tech

Believe it or not, crime is a big problem in our prisons. You would think that the prison guards have complete control over the entire environment, but you would be wrong. Prisoners find a way to commit crimes inside of prisons despite the most maximum of securities. One of the most prevalent crimes committed inside of a prison is the flow of contraband materials, including drugs, alcohol, cell phones, pornography and weapons.


One of the reasons that crime is prevalent inside of a prison is because many prison guards become corrupted themselves. Prison guards can sometimes be the source of contraband materials flowing into a prison. They obviously do this because they are profiting on some level. But the flow of contraband is a very big problem for a few reasons. Prison is supposed to be an uncomfortable place for prisoners so luxury and device items are prohibited. Contraband also includes weapons, and these weapons can be used to perpetrate violence inside of the prison. Contraband, in the end, is a safety issue.


The problem for law enforcement is that prisoners are very unlikely to tip off police officers on the source of contraband. That is why Securus Technologies has debuted its most recent innovation.


In order to get contraband flowing into a prison, prisoners must communicate to the outside world. The most prevalent avenue of communication is telephone calls. But each of these telephone calls is recorded by Securus Technologies and made available to police officers. Securus Technologies makes this database easily searchable for police officers with its latest software.


During the short time this software has been available, it has stopped the flow of contraband all over the country. It has also helped police officers catch corrupt prison guards. And all of this makes the people on the inside of prisons much safer


Securus Technologies Helped Inmate take Medicine

Securus Technologies, you have really helped my daughter. She is diabetic and is on medication. Since she has been in jail, her numbers have been steady for the most part. Then, all of a sudden, she began to have problems. She was having slight seizures. She seemed not responsive at times. When we asked her if she was alright, she said she was fine. We asked her if she was taking her medicine. She said she was taking her meds. We came to the conclusion that her diabetes medicine might need to be adjusted. We spoke to the authorities and they assured us that they would look into the matter. Two weeks later, we were called with the findings. According to Securus Technologies, my daughter had not been taking her medication properly.She would hold it in her mouth and spit it out at her earliest convenience. She had actually gotten depressed by being in jail and started to harm herself by not not taking her meds. This is what was discovered as Securus Technologies listened to the recorded tapes of my daughter talking over the phone. She was confessing this to her friends because she felt they wouldn’t let anyone else know,and they didn’t. But Securus Technologies was able to catch it. Aad they addressed it by giving my daughter anti-depressant medication. Now she is so much better. She is taking all of her medicine everyday and on time. She is better overall. We never would have known what the real problem was if it wasn’t for Securus Technologies. That program is doing more good than what people are giving them credit for. My daughter can hardly believe now that she let herself slip that far away from her goals of succeeding in life. Thank you Securus Technologies for your program.


Securus Technologies, Inc. Corrects GTL in Press Release Innacuracies

Securus Technologies, Inc. is the largest detainee communications provider, government information management solutions, parolee tracking, serving more than 2,600 correctional facilities in Canada, Mexico, the District of Columbia, 45 states, and more than 1,000,000 inmates in the country. It is recognized to provide responsive customer service, innovative technology solutions, and comprehensive service. The main focus of Securus is the law enforcement communities and the specialized needs of the corrections. Securus headquarters is in Dallas, Texas with four regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas metropolitan area.


Securus technology provides criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections, issued corrections to Global Tel*Link. There are multiple statements included in GTL’s release which is inaccurate and misleading.


Global Tel*Link is aware that a patent litigation often costs millions of dollars and takes many years to pursue. Therefore, Securus questions whether the lawsuit patent sought by Global Tel*Link brings out the best interests of the company. However, Securus will continue to defend themselves from their attacks while patenting our complaints in response. Securs continues to do so as long as it is necessary to respond to GTL in this way.


Richard A. Smith, in response to the latest press release by GTL, states that they would be happy their technology challenge with Global Tel*Link anytime. He says that Securus has offered the challenge many times because it makes more sense than what Global Tel*Link is now doing. However, GTL has remained silent about responding to the technology challenge posed by Securus while issuing numerous press releases (which need many corrections).


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