Lifeline Screening, Saving Lives Through Pre-Screening

Keeping up with your health and staying healthy are goals that we all have. Even if you eat healthy, exercise and go to all your regular check ups and appointments, you may be at risk for developing diseases later in life due to genetics or circumstances you cannot control. Why not get ahead of the game and get screened for diseases early?

Lifeline Screening offers services that can help you detect disease and health issues before they become serious. Lifeline Screening uses three different methods to screen: ultrasound, finger-stick blood screenings and limited EKG. Ultrasound screening can detect abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and osteoporosis risk. Taking blood can screen for: cholesterol levels, diabetes risk via blood sugar levels, cardiovascular disease and liver injury. The EKG screening offered checks for irregular heart beats, which can increase the chance of stroke. Click here to know more.

All of the screenings that Lifeline Screening offers are non-invasive and do not need prep work done by the patient. Everyone who works for Lifeline Screening is certified, from the technicians that take your screenings, to the physicians that read your results. All of the equipment used is state of the art, just like any hospital or clinic that you regularly visit. These results should be shared with your doctor, as Lifeline Screening does not replace the need to see your doctor, but rather is an additional tool to help you stay on a healthy path in life.

If you are healthy, eat right and exercise, but still know that you have a family history of diseases that you would liked to be screened for, Lifeline Screening is the place to visit. Their professional tests will be able to check on your body’s performance now to detect problems early, so you and your doctor can plan for the future.

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