Understanding Greg Secker – A Forex Trading Expert

Greg Secker is a trading guru who began his career in mid 1990s. He is also a philanthropist, speaker and master trader. During an interview with Inspirery, Jim explained how he was able to achieve great success through innovative ideas provided by his chain of companies. Greg said he used to work for other firms that made money for him, but instead, he realized he can educate traders ways of making money and lead by example. He founded Learn to Trade, a platform that informed people how and when to invest. This platform opened an avenue for Greg to leave the corporate world and began working at home.

Mr. Secker said the first customers he served were his relatives and friends because they noticed his potential and the way he was performing. Greg further added that his success is attributed to the support offered by relatives, friends and business partners. These people provide him with new ideas and strategies that enabled him to move forward. Greg explains that during public speaking forums he is able to learn new things from other people.

Secker’s Professional Background

Greg Secker began his career from a humble background working at Thomas Cook. After he left the company, Mr. Secker founded The Virtual Trading Desk, which provided customers with real-time online Forex trading. He joined Mellon Financial Corporation where he served as the Vice President. This is one of the largest investment banking firms based in the United States. Greg got the opportunity to travel and experience trading on the international platform. He was able to learn new ideas and hence expanded his knowledge on trading.

Three months after creating Learn to Trade, the company had penetrated the global market and became a leader in educating traders. The company later expanded and opened offices in London, Australia and South Africa. After 13 years of operations, the firm has served more than 200,000 individuals, educating them on ways of trading. Besides focusing on business, Greg is a philanthropist who is committed to improving the lives of communities around the world. Through Greg Secker Foundation, the entrepreneur has helped to improve education, life and leadership in communities.