Could Brad Reifler’s New Forefront Income Trust Company Be The Wall Street Disrupter?

Aside from buying some small stocks here or there or venturing into a few small trades, many people have been reluctant to make large investments or to ignore Wall Street as being for only the top 1% or economic gurus. But Brad Reifler has decided investing and the stock market need a little bit of a shakeup so now he’s opened up Forefront Income Trust as part of his Forefront Capital Advisors company.

Reifler believes many middle class Americans and lower income people are missing out on some great opportunities to invest for their futures and for their families, so he started this public fund to help them enter into a stock market alternative.

Brad Reifler might be a person you would consider to be in the 1% of investors considering he’s run three different companies in the futures and hedge fund industries. His first company was Reifler Trading Company which he owned for about 17 years managing global derivatives and alternative investment portfolios.

He built on the portfolio management facet of this company at Pali Capital in 1995, though in this case he actually allowed his senior-level directors and brokers to work with clients on trades that could best meet their needs. Brad Reifler closed down Pali Capital in 2009 and started up Forefront the following year, and his move to turn the company into a place where all investors could come was inspired by some personal experiences he had.

Brad Reifler certainly has a lot of wisdom for investors today, but some of that wisdom was learned the hard way. When he was younger and wanted to start a college savings investment, he invested with a company that promised the funds would be sufficient to send his two daughters to school when the time came.

Unfortunately the money didn’t gain the worth that the company had promised. Years later he wanted to help his father by investing his hard-earned money into a retirement account that could support him, but he couldn’t invest in the kinds of funds he wanted since his father wasn’t accredited.

So at Forefront Capital Reifler decided to make it possible for clients to invest in stock market alternatives and worked with the SEC to relax the accreditation regulations. Clients can actually invest in this fund for only $1,000 to start.

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