Arthur Becker Finds Renewed Success in Manhattan Real Estate

You don’t get to be the best at what you do without working hard and really earning it. Arthur Becker is well known for being a multi-industry investor. His work in the art field, the tech field, and the real estate world has been pretty much unrivaled over the past decade or two. Now, Arthur Becker is going to pop even more out of the background as he works toward his first solo development in Manhattan: 465 Washington Street. You can visit Madison Partners to know more.

For a long time Arthur Becker has been a behind the scenes styled investor in the real estate world of New York. Becker knows that taking on the project with your name on the building can be difficult and damning if you end up failing. So Becker learned the ropes by first investing in several big wig real estate investors in New York: Michael Stern, Kevin Maloney, and Robert Gladstone. As a silent partner Becker was able to see firsthand just how the industry runs in a city known for chewing up and spitting out people who aren’t prepared for the limelight. It’s easy to say now, after much work learning the ropes, that Becker is ready to take the crown.

Arthur Becker’s goal at 465 Washington Street is simple. He wants to build up a luxury, 8-unit condo that embodies everything that makes him tick: artwork, luxury, and a boutique feeling to it all. Becker has been working for a while now to prep the condo project. He recently purchased two adjacent town homes to 465 Washington Street by offering a stake in the finished building. Now Becker is ready to get started. If all goes well during construction his building will end up being sold for around $53 million — a nice little chunk of change for an already wealthy investor.

The path to real estate glory in New York has not been a narrow one. Becker’s invested in everything from macadamia nut farms to ancient South African currency. His ability to succeed in any industry has been a boon to those that have chosen to work right alongside of Arthur Becker.

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