How Eric Lefkofsky Is Helping Thousands To Save His Wife

Eric Lefkofsky is famous for having founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with his wife, which had the purpose of advancing and supporting scientific researches that improve the quality of life of the general public, but there is more to the story this. Eric wasn’t always a philanthropical figure, and it all began after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Before it all happened, Lefkofsky was a growing personality in the e-commerce business with his $2.2 billion company called Groupon. The brand is globally known and has a remarkable presence in many countries around the globe.

The terrifying reality of his wife becoming a target of cancer has set the couple on a new path that Lefkofsky didn’t image he would follow. He noticed that answers were not rising and that research was moving so slowly that it was painful to expect a fix to the problem. Then, as a businessman who already began a startup in the past, the man decided to do it himself, founding the company called Tempus.

The biggest accomplishment of Tempus was the technology to connect anatomic and molecular data with clinical information from other systems around the country. This achievement makes up for an enormous bubble of real-time information, much like a Google search engine, that allows doctors and specialists to make better decisions with the extensive knowledge they have available to them.

Even though Lefkofsky was already listed among the biggest billionaires in the world, he changed his life-time occupation to understand healthcare and disease treatments, and it all happened because of his wife’s cancer.

Eric is backed up by an entire team of professionals and specialists, including his director, Kevin White. Both are fighting together “to take cancer treatment to the next level using modern technology.”

The advanced system that was developed by Tempus, alongside the constant research that is being formulated and incentivized in the organization, brings many solutions to partnering doctors to treat their patients better. It improved what medicine is capable of doing. Eric at Twitter .

Eric and Liz are continuously supporting philanthropical initiatives related to a better education system, developing research in diseases and quality of life without looking to profit. They also have supported a project called 1871 FEMtech, alongside Google and the Motorola Mobility Foundation, to progress what the human technology can do. for more .