Class Dojo is an App that is helping to Reshape the field of Education

Teaching is not an easy job for any person to do. This type of occupation requires a lot of things and communications is probably the most important aspect of this field. Without communications, the field of teaching could not function.

Teachers need to communicate instruction to students and parents must stay in contact with educators about their student’s progress. If people do not keep in touch with each other, most of the people within this field will have a hard time completing tasks and finishing assignments.

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Class Dojo is an application that helps various members of the education field to avoid this problem. Class Dojo was created in 2011 by Sam Choudhary and Liam Don. These CEOs were former teachers who worked inside of the classroom for some time. So, they have developed some really useful software that is based off of their experience within the classroom environment.

One of the hardest problems with teaching is parent/teacher interaction. Parents and teachers have a hard time keeping in touch about students. Since they do it is often difficult for both parties to figure out the best way to serve a particular student’s educational needs.

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After all, a teacher can instruct a child with information but knowing how a child functions and learns gives them a greater ability to get information across. Class Dojo helps to solve this problem. This app is literally helping parents, teachers and educators to reshape the field of education.

Dom and Choudhary received $21 million to ensure that their organization has the money to generate new products and services for their users. They also received investment funds to help grow their company and to make it a viable operation in terms of profitability. Refer to for further reading.

Class Dojo is being used in at least 90% of all schools across the country. This app might not be for everyone; but at least 1 teacher within most U.S. schools is utilizing this great piece of communication and education software. Ultimately, Class Dojo is helping to reshape the world of education.

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