The stunning career of Porfirio Sanchez Galindo


Porfirio is one of the most successful people in their field of operation. Having a rich academic background, his dedication to studies has led to his marketability in his field of practice. Sanchez was born in February 1975 in a small town located in Mexico City. In 1994, he attended the ITAM school for his Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Mathematics. After graduating in 1998, he again undertook Executive education at the Stamford Graduate School of Business. In 2011, Galindo also undertook a program in Software Research which added unto his required experience in his positions of work.

The link between his academic and professional career

Having gained sufficient knowledge in business strategy and planning, Sanchez has been very instrumental in organizing business activities. The development of his career is has been gradual. The struggle to attain the title of the CEO was not an overnight achievement, but it was a continued process of hard work and determination. In the realms mentioned above, the excellence of his performance has been of great help to the individual companies with which he has worked.

The development of his career

Work ethic and determination have been very salient in the success of his career. In 2000, Sanchez was appointed to work with the ministry of Finance as its chief of staff. In this position, he oversaw different operations and, he built a name for himself as the head. Having worked in the ministry for six years, he also became a member of a group of physicians who are dedicated to providing healthcare services to individuals who cannot afford proper medication. His career has been developing with final success determination for greater heights.

Porfirio’s career at Editorial Televisa

Currently, Porfirio is the Chief Executive Officer at the Editorial Televisa. In this position, he is in charge of entertainment, advertisements, and several other functions that are related to media development. Sanchez was appointed to this position in March 2016, and he has performed his duty with diligence. His success includes the increase in revenue to $10 billion which had never been achieved by any CEO in the history of the company. With his success story, Sanchez has been an inspiration to many people.