Walmart and Beneful Dog Food Go together Like Money and your Wallet!

Beneful Dog Food has been seen on numerous commercials, heard about on radio advertisements, and fed to millions of dogs nationwide and for good reason. Beneful is a name brand dog food that contains only natural ingredients and is great for your dog’s coat and digestive system and at the same time supports his or her active lifestyle. It has gained a reputation over the years for being the smarter choice when it comes to choosing a food for your canine companion. Beneful can be found several places, but where it can be most conveniently found is at your local Walmart! Walmart offers excellent deals and the price on their Beneful dog food is especially great! It can be purchased there for the low price of $13.98! This is an excellent price compared to where it is sold at local competitors such as Target and name brand pet stores who offer the same bag for $15.97. The price for Beneful dry food and wet food at Walmart differs. While the dry food is 13.98, the wet will sell for $19.94. A single container of wet food however will go for the low price of $1.51. It is of greater quality than dry food and when purchased for $19.94 will come in a variety pack of tubs ready to open and serve to your furry friend. It also comes in three different flavors: chicken, lamb, or beef. You can also find at Walmart a 31 pound bag of Beneful healthy weight with real salmon for $26.98. If you feed your dog twice a day, this bag will last an extremely reasonable amount of time. If you opt for the brand of Beneful with real ingredients instead you will pay around $14.53 for a thirteen pound bag and it will still last quite a while, but it will be cheaper and better on your wallet. Walmart has specials all the time and rollback prices on all of their items including their dog food. You can find coupons online and in your local newspaper in the paper advertisements that are usually put out on Sundays. Walmart also has coupons online on their website for not only Beneful but various other pet items.

When you’re considering your dog, consider Beneful. When you’re considering your wallet, consider Walmart! Together they are a perfect match made in doggy heaven!

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