Lifeline Screening Seeks to Add More Life to Your Living!

Have you ever wanted to add more life to your years without giving up something that you really enjoy like good food and fellowship? Did you wish there was a tool that helped you see health wise where you can improve your quality of life without giving up your quantity of life? This new innovative approach called Lifeline Screening is designed to give you just that effectively preempting your health in on some of the major causes of sickness today in this world.

Lifeline screening is one of the largest of the world of its kind. It is aimed primarily at vascular screenings and diseases associated with vascular disorders too. It uses a risk formula that is patterned to detect a person’s suitability for the screening process. Lifeline screening seeks to personalize the experience of testing by taking into account a person health history and past indicators of disease trends. It detects these by using a trained team of board certified physicians, supervised by Dr. Manganaro, who looks at the ultrasounds and gives his stamp of quality assurance before the results get any further down in the process. Lifeline screening offers non-invasive ultrasounds and screenings and are always looking to develop new tests and screenings.

Dr.Maganaro has spent his life career devoted to clinical medicine and enjoys informing patients ahead of time of serious life ending conditions like heart disease. Life Screening, he believes, provides infinite possibilities concerning the prevention and detection of cardiovascular diseases in people who initially show no symptoms at all.

Lifeline Screening, Saving Lives Through Pre-Screening

Keeping up with your health and staying healthy are goals that we all have. Even if you eat healthy, exercise and go to all your regular check ups and appointments, you may be at risk for developing diseases later in life due to genetics or circumstances you cannot control. Why not get ahead of the game and get screened for diseases early?

Lifeline Screening offers services that can help you detect disease and health issues before they become serious. Lifeline Screening uses three different methods to screen: ultrasound, finger-stick blood screenings and limited EKG. Ultrasound screening can detect abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, peripheral arterial disease and osteoporosis risk. Taking blood can screen for: cholesterol levels, diabetes risk via blood sugar levels, cardiovascular disease and liver injury. The EKG screening offered checks for irregular heart beats, which can increase the chance of stroke. Click here to know more.

All of the screenings that Lifeline Screening offers are non-invasive and do not need prep work done by the patient. Everyone who works for Lifeline Screening is certified, from the technicians that take your screenings, to the physicians that read your results. All of the equipment used is state of the art, just like any hospital or clinic that you regularly visit. These results should be shared with your doctor, as Lifeline Screening does not replace the need to see your doctor, but rather is an additional tool to help you stay on a healthy path in life.

If you are healthy, eat right and exercise, but still know that you have a family history of diseases that you would liked to be screened for, Lifeline Screening is the place to visit. Their professional tests will be able to check on your body’s performance now to detect problems early, so you and your doctor can plan for the future.

Eric Lefkofsky; Philanthropist and Renowned Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky the chief executive of Tempus most recently collaborated with the University of Chicago to utilize the data from the genome sequence and machine familiarization from Tempus. The aim of this was to equip the doctors with customized data that will ultimately aid the doctors to cater to the patients adequately. The treatment is modified for breast cancer patients and the data is provided through molecular analysis and sequencing.

Mr Eric is an astute entrepreneur situated in the US. He has an unwavering commitment to the cause of making cancer extinct. He also holds an executive position in several other successful conglomerates including Uptake Technologies, Echo Global Logistics, Lightbank, InnerWorkings, Groupon, and Mediaocean. Eric Lefkofsky also serves the Steppenwolf Theatre Company as the Chairman of the panel of Trustees. He is also a Trustee of the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago.

Tempus is integral to the collection and analysis of data on up to 1000 cancer patient due to the fact that there is little to no access to information on the people who have suffered under the disease. This is an alarming statistic because breast cancer is one of the widely spread forms of cancer and lack of the data translates to the doctors giving treatment without the aid of patient information. The impact that Tempus makes to this is that this data they collect will be sufficient in enhancing the treatment development project. Click here to know more.

The initiative that has been undertaken by Tempus will propel the creation of one of the broadest clinically based database. Tempus has combined efforts with the Mayo Clinic, University of Michigan and the Rush University Medical Center among others

Eric Lefkofsky founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation as part of his philanthropic ventures to help bring about dynamic changes to people it assists.

USHealth Group Weathers Formidable Competition in the Health Insurance Industry

The CEO of USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge, was named the Gold winner after being voted the most decorated CEO of the Year in the strongly contested One Planet Awards. One Planet Awards is a worldwide program that recognizes the entrepreneurial excellence of businesses and individuals in every industrial sector across the globe. The program is non-discriminatory and welcomes nominations by any company whether private or public, commercial or non-profit making.

M., McQuagge assumed a position the USHealth Group workforce in 2010. He made it his tacit obligation to revolutionized the brand of the company. Therefore, he resolved to refurbish the distribution division: USHealth Advisory Body. His success in rebuilding the advisory team enhanced the firm’s operations. Certainly, financial successes ensued. Following this feat, he was named the company’s CEO in 2014. Under his leadership, firm reached unimaginable margins in profitability and growth despite the formidable market competition in the Health Insurance Industry.

Mr. Troy McQuagge was highly honored to receive a vast recognition by other prize-worthy companies. He extended the award to the entire USHealth fraternity, and termed it as a sign of the company’s unwavering dedication towards its course of making health care affordable to clients through its robust exploitation of sustainable innovative tools that will solve their medical needs today and in the future. See also.

About USHealth Group, LLC

USHealth Group Inc., formerly the Ascend Assurance Inc. was started in 1982. It is located in Fort Worth, TX. It assumed its current brand in March 2005. Today, USHealth Group is proud to be a host to 213 employees who work together to provide insurance solutions to consumers.

Via its affiliate divisions, the firm underwrites and conducts sales of health insurance covers and extra services for sole proprietors and small enterprise owners in the U.S. Among its products are personal health covers, fixed coverage insurance, dental insurance, insurance that caters for emergency critical health situations, accident and salary protection covers. That is not enough. The firm provides life policy insurance, both convertible and renewable. The company is discriminative in it identification of insurance brokers and agents. It only offers them the mandate to sell their products after proper scrutiny. Through them, these products reach the target market.

USHEALTH Group, Maintaining Their Position as One of the Top Health Insurance Providers in America

Since it was established, USHEALTH Group has always been one of the go-to solutions when it comes to health insurance in the country. Based in Texas, USHEALTH Group works along with numerous smaller subsidiary companies to provide health insurance solutions to all the people who come to them. They have always upheld that they want to submit their customers with the best possible service, and according to what their customers have to say, the company has managed to fulfill that goal. Through their services, they want to revolutionize the health insurance sector and give clients the best plans that are best suited to their needs and requirements.

USHEALTH Group has been servicing a large customer base. Right from large firms to small families, the company has plans for all sections of the market. With their long list of plans and schemes that clients can opt for, USHEALTH Group plans to help everyone who approaches them for their insurance needs. The company knows that everyone coming to them has a different story and different things that they would need from their health insurance. In light of this, USHEALTH Group aims always to find the best solutions for their clients so that they receive the right medical coverage in their time of need.

USHEALTH Group was started up over fifty years ago and since then has made it to the top of the health insurance industry. The number of customers that the company has serviced over the years goes well into the millions range. By appealing to their clients and instilling a sense of trust in them, the company has been able to uphold their status as one of the best in the country. Click here to know more.

USHEALTH Group puts in a lot of effort to ensure that their employees are always trained to the best of their abilities to be able to provide the best services to their clients. The advisors at the company have to undergo special programs to get them up to speed with the standards that USHEALTH Group has in place. The private and as well as the external advisors are one of the main reasons why USHEALTH Group has been able to be at the top all through these years.

USHealth on Linkedin.

Eric Lefkofsky Using Tempus to Bring Technology into Cancer Treatment

When Elizabeth Lefkofsky, wife of Eric Paul Lefkofsky was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago, it was a critical turning point for the prominent American entrepreneur. The founder and CEO of Tempus embarked on a journey to invest in technology for the research and treatment of cancer. His company has developed an operating system that connects anatomic and molecular data with other clinical data to help doctors create more efficient and personalized ways to cure cancer. Using historical information from patients with cancer from around the country, doctors can now adjust their treatment methods to suit a patient. His company is helping health facilities take cancer treatment to the next level using. So far, Tempus has collaborated with such prominent organizations as Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center and Rush University Medical Center.

Born on September 2, 1969, Eric Lefkofsky grew up in Southfield, Michigan. He attended Southfield-Lathrup High School before joining the University of Michigan, from which he graduated in 1991. Mr. Lefkofsky then enrolled at University of Michigan Law School for his Juris Doctor. After his graduation in 1993, Lefkofsky and his college friend Brad Keywell bought an apparel company, Brandon Apparel. This was the first of a string of investments that the two entrepreneurs would make together over the following years. You can also visit the site.

Lefkofsky’s interest in the technology industry began in earnest in 1999. Together with Keywell, Lefkofsky founded one of the early internet companies, Starbelly, which specialized in selling promotional products. So successful was the company that the following year, Starbelly was bought by Halo Industries. Later, in 2001, Lefkofsky co-founded InnerWorkings, another technology company that offered print procurement services to midsized companies across the country. The company went on to have a successful IPO in 2006. Lefkofsky and Keywell partnered to found a freight logistics company, Echo Global Logistics, in 2005. In June 2006, the two created MediaBank, which went on to merge with Donovan Data Systems to create Mediaocean in 2012. In 2007, Lefkofsky co-founded, which later changed its name to Groupon is currently the fastest growing company of all time. Lefkofsky has interests in several other companies and is an active supporter of charitable, scientific and educational causes worldwide.

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