Michael Lacey| Shedding Light on his Career Background and Accomplishments

Michael Lacey prides himself on being among the renowned mathematicians in the United States and the rest of the world. His contribution to the field has significantly helped to advance his reputation as an avid mathematician.

Some of the areas Lacey’s work has touched over the years include harmonic analysis, ergodic theory, and probability among many others. He also works at the Georgia Institute of Technology in the capacity of professor of mathematics.

Education and Experience

As an acclaimed mathematician, Michael Lacey boasts an excellent academic record. In fact, he got his Ph.D. under the supervision of Walter Philipp in 1987 at the University of Illinois. At the time, his thesis was grounded in the area of probability and more precisely Banach spaces. Michael Lacey solved a complex mathematical problem associated with the empirical characteristic functions’ law of the integrated logarithm.

Upon culminating his studies, Michael landed a job at the Louisiana State University and later the University of North Carolina, which marked his first postdoctoral roles. While working at the Chapel Hill-based University of North Carolina, Walter Philipp and Michael Lacey presented their proof of the central limit theorem.

Away from UNC, Michael moved on to another position at the Indiana University whereby he stayed for about seven years of his career. During his tenure at the institution, he was privileged to gain a National Science Foundation fellowship. Additionally, Michael Lacey embarked on a study of the bilinear Hilbert transform while still undertaking his fellowship.

Although the transform was in the middle of a conjecture at the time, Christoph Thiele and Michael Lacey managed to solve it in 1996. In turn, they received the Salem Prize for their commendable effort. Michael has been serving as a professor of mathematics at the popular Georgia Institute of Technology since 1996.

Accomplishments and Other Roles

Over the years, Michael Lacey has proven to be a force to reckon with in the mathematics field. His research and work are behind his reputation. Lacey has also received several awards from various bodies including the Simons and Guggenheim Foundations.

In addition, he has also been serving as the director of several training grants like MCTP and VIGRE awards from the National Science Foundation. The donations have helped dozens of postdoctoral, graduate and undergraduate students.

Away from teaching, Michael Lacey is known for advising many undergraduates who have gone ahead to join top graduate programs. On the other hand, most his Ph.D. students have landed industrial and academic jobs. Furthermore, he is behind the mentoring of over ten postdocs.

Eric Pulier: The Life of A Brilliant Thinker

Information technology is an industry that has been one of the most popular, fascinating and profitable industries of all-time. Some of the most highly intelligent people on the planet have worked in this field. Technologist Eric Pulier is no exception as he has done some amazing things for over 20 years. This guy is known as a brilliant thinker, and he uses his mind to come up with solutions for disenfranchised communities across the globe. Pulier can also been thought of as a “jack of all trades” kind of guy because he’s provided solutions for a number of different fields.

Ever since he was a child, Pulier has always had this gift. He always seem to stand out amongst a crowd. While in the fourth grade, he programmed his very first computer. His high school years were no different as he would go on to start a database computer company. Pulier did pretty well in academics and these high test scores would eventually send him to the prestigious Harvard University. While at Harvard, he would be consumed by a number of projects. He worked as a student journalist and wrote a very successful column for the Harvard Crimson publication. Pulier was already the editor at the same institution, and he managed to take extra classes at MIT. By 1988, Pulier would graduate magna cum laude and by 1991, he would move to Los Angeles to begin his professional career.

People Doing Things was one of his first founded professional companies, and it provided technological solutions for the healthcare and the education fields of work. He was also a part of the development for Starbright World. This was one of the very first private social media networks for chronically ill children. This network connected over 700 children, and it allowed them to share their perspectives with one another. Pulier was also chosen to develop the “Bridge To The 21st Century” platform for former President Bill Clinton. This exhibit would showcase the advancements in technology, and the exhibit was displayed across numerous cable news networks. Pulier would go on to be a founder and co-founder of at least 15 companies. This includes XPRIZE, Service Mesh Incorporated, Desktone, US Interactive and Akana Software.

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Dr. Scott Rocklage the Famous CEO of 5AM Ventures

There are so many world scholars who are believed to great scholars. They have undergone a thorough education background before starting to achieve in life. Dr. Rocklage is one of the most famous people in the World and especially the United States of America. He is the current managing partner and 5 AM ventures.

This is one of the greatest companies that deal with the medical and pharmaceuticals issues across the Whole world. He attended the most credible universities across the globe and they equipped him with all the necessary skills. He attended the University of California(Berkeley) and studies a bachelors degree in Chemistry.

He decided to continue with his journey of academics and went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry. Learn more about Scott Rocklage: https://ideamensch.com/scott-rocklage/

He was one of the luckiest guys to conduct his research in Richard’s Schrock’s laboratory. The great Richard is the Nobel prize winner for the year 2005 because of the greatest achievements in the chemistry category.

Dr. Scott Rocklage, besides working at 5 AM Ventures, happens to have worked as the board chair for several companies. He has also been the founder and co-founder of so many companies. Some of them include Relypsa and Novira, Salutar and Catalytica, Cubic Pharmaceuticals and also Nycomed Salutar.

Dr. Scott Rocklage worked as the as the chairman and the CEO of a company called Cubist Pharmaceuticals. A very big company currently based in the United States of America. He also acted as the president and the CEO and the president of the most famous Nycomed Salutar.

He was also trusted to head their research and development boards at Salutar and Catalytic. Dr. Scott was also the board chairman for Relypsa and Novira. He also happens to the chair of the board for the three major organizations namely, Rennovia, Cidara, and Kinestral.

He is also the board member of several organizations that include some organizations not forgetting Epirus and Pulmatrix. He has also been the chair in the executive wing of a few organizations not forgetting in the list Mjjkana, Ilypsa and Semprus companies. He is a famous scholar with great life achievements in the World.

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Richard Blair Accomplishments in the Field of Finance

Richard Blair is one of the famous people in the world, he is that founder of Wealth Solutions whereby the organization provides services that will assist potential investors to have enough capital to start and establish their business. Wealth Solution through the better services that they provide has enabled the organization has seen the organization developed over the years. Also, the customers of who are served at the organization have also increased over the years because of the better services that they offer. Austin, Texas is where the organization is situated. The reason behind the establishment of the organization is due to Richard Blair having enough experience and skills in finance and also has attained some certificates. CFS, CAS, RCIP, and CES these are because of the discovery of his knowledge in finance. Also the organization is a completely an investment consultant firm.


In order to be able to provide better services and also serving their clients full until they are satisfied similar to other top organization, Wealth Solutions has also had their vital values and features that help the organization to be guided completely also in order for them to reach their potentials goals. The organization has certain values methods that will help their clients in every way they want to be assisted. Furthermore, each customer is well helped hence they are able to reduce the task of the organization through compliant with the customer insight on their financial goals.


Through attending to their clients equally and also listening to them the organization is able to know the clients wants and also will enable them to find out the objective, the risk, growth probability and fully personality of the clients (https://datafox.com/wealth-solutions). Through these, the work which was to be done is reduced and as well enable the workers in the company to know the exact work to which is supposed to be dealt with.


Also, the organization also ensures that they instigate long term procedure these will assist to cover the investment need of the customers. The organization also ensures that there is the accessibility of steady market that will help in the adjusting investment goals of the clients. Furthermore, it also verifies to the clients that their thoughts will be fully achieved.


Richard Blair is a professional financial advisor who has helped a lot of organization to develop. Also through his entire career, he has learned a lot and more than 20years of experience in the sector of finance.


JHSF’s Emergence as Real Estate Magnet

Outstanding Revenues

With the emerging maturity of real estates in overseas countries, the company has moved ahead of time even to redirect its business attention to recurrent revenue. In the passing of time, the holding has prioritized the implantation of major projects which have subtly got inclusion in administration and development of most shopping centers in its target areas. Other centers that have been subject to this authority include Catharina Integrated Urban Development (comprising Catharina Airport and Catharina Fashion Outlet) and other Luxury hotels. In the recurring revenue sector, there has existed an increase in the important mode through which the company relies on it for income. It, therefore, means that company’s future is rendered secure with this portion of JHSF’s revenue since it is predictable, reliable and stable. Click here to know more.

Who is Jose Auriemo Neto to JHSF?

At JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto commands immense respect from his personnel and other stakeholders in the business. As a CEO, he exhibits an unconditional disposition to his work as he is always disciplined and in most cases spends his time in meetings where he discusses most of the company affairs. Untypical of most CEOs, his meetings get spent not only talking relationships with investors but also explains the smallest details that can affect even the lowest in the hierarchy of his workers. On most occasions, he is seen adorning a helmet moving to the construction sites where he at times supervises the ongoing works. He takes his time to closely monitor whatever the workers do to ensure that they adhere to the strict standards required of the company. To many among his working personnel, he opines that at JHSF, it is usually 10% inspiration while the 90% remains sweat.

From such commitments, JHSF has witnessed tremendous growth in the last quarter of financial year 2016/2017 that ended in June. While releasing his economic forecast at the start of the 2016/2017 financial year, he had estimated that the profit of the company would reach over R $ 240 million by the end of 2016. With the materialization of this forecast, the company amassed 100% profit by achieving an R $ 4 billion. He always points to commitment, consistency, and aggression as the drivers that steer his and the company’s greatness.

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How Dr. Chris Villanueva Of MB2 Dental Cured Unforgivable Mistakes Killing Practices

Traditional dentistry has been heavily criticized lately for not making patient interests a priority. One dentist affiliation network that’s silencing the stigma is MB2 Dental. The dentist-owned collective supports corporate and independent practitioners across six US states. With over 70 affiliation networks, it’s serving some 533 associates nationwide. Its founder, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva established the network on the premise of improving dental services by promoting personal development, group adventure, support and clinical autonomy among practitioners. With this cooperation, practitioners are afforded specialized training and support on their professional adventure to achieve career enrichment. While MB2 Dental encourages regulatory compliance, it’s stressing the value in streamlining innovations that reward the interests of practitioners, patrons, and the organization. Its indifference highlights a forward-thinking culture that transcends the biases of the wider dentist management community.

A pioneering visionary of modern dentistry, Dr. Villanueva isn’t the stereotypical CEO indulged in micromanaging an empire. He envisioned becoming an innovator of dentistry, instead of restricting himself to private practice or group networking. When he finished his dental residency, he immediately launched into entrepreneurship and established his own practice management company. His model afforded him the luxury of networking with like-minded professionals and being an entrepreneur. At MB2 entrepreneurship Dental, he’s equally invested in teamwork and creativity, which are two of the core dynamics helping him keep ahead. With technological advancements streamlining operations and the economics of dental practices today, he’s strongly engrossed in the evolution. The devoted father isn’t missing out on family time, despite his commitment as a dutiful CEO.

The Ohio-native has achieved what many practitioners constantly fail to incorporate as professionals – balancing provider and corporate responsibilities. With mentorship programs designed to help dentist practices cultivate a similar culture, Dr. Villanueva continues a mission of meaningful change. Dentistry has always been a capital-intensive commerce that thrives on its economy. With MB2 Dental, Dr. Villanueva sets out to mentor network affiliates by providing the needed tools to motivate infrastructural growth and improve practices. Large and micro dental practices face similar challenges that have triggered a cyclic collapse of the organizational infrastructure. While he’s not totally fixated on killing the obsession of the impassioned dentist committed to the core elements of his craft and specialization. Dr. Villanueva strives to prioritize the ethics of running a successful practice to complement medical expertise in dentistry. He’s consciously driving integration to empower professionals, in turn, accelerating service delivery, while preserving the culture of dental specialization.

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Jeanmarie Guenot Life, Career, and Contributions to the Community


Jeanmarie Guenot is the chief executive officer of Amphivena therapeutics. The institution has its headquarters in Francisco and has majored in the development of immune therapies aimed at treating cancer. For over 20 years, she has been in the business administrative sector serving both the private and public sector. She has also ventured into commercial development, pharmaceuticals R&D, and project management among others. Through her company, she offers consultation services in financial planning, mergers, and licensing. The provision of these services is specially provided to the biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.


According to Jeanmarie Guenot’s social media account LinkedIn, she got trained in physical and medicinal chemistry. She, however, specialized in; x-ray, Quantum mechanical and semi- empirical methods, the protein structure, NMR, and refinement. She acquired her degree from the University of California in San Francisco. Later, Jeanmarie Guenot furthered her education at Wharton school, University of Pennsylvania. There, she graduated with a Master’s degree in business administration. Her career as a scientist kick started at Hoffmann-La Roche as the principal scientist. During her time in this institution, she developed drugs that sought to address autoimmune diseases, inflammation, metabolic diseases and oncology. Additionally, her learned skills from Wharton School boosted her career in business. It was at Atlas Ventures where she began developing her entrepreneurial skills as a manager of the enterprise. Among her achievements, her most noble one was the development of life science companies.


Amphivena company website, on the leadership page, indicates that before Jeanmarie became the president of the institution, she had served in different management positions in various companies. She served as the vice president of Corporate and Business Development at BioPharma. She was the key player and successfully negotiated the deal between PDL and Hoffmann- La Roche. These two companies entered into a 50-50 deal, where they were to develop and commercialize their drugs together.


She is not new to the social media fraternity. She uses her various accounts on Facebook to enlighten her followers. Mostly, she is updating on the findings and breakthroughs of her company. She also lists her qualifications and contribution to the therapeutic industry.


Better Healthcare with Dr. Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinide at Innovacare Health Center

Innovacare Health is a health care center which entails Puerto Rico Healthcare Inc and PMC Medicare Choice Inc. It is one of the most top leading organization in the sector of healthcare services. More than 7500 providers and 200,000 staff members manage Innovacare Health. They provide excellent healthcare to their patients which are their main goals, therefore generating a good idea that establishes fresh innovation that improves technology.

These days there are a lot of problems with matters dealing with health care environment, henceforth the company key objectives are to bring change to the healthcare administration so that they can accurately solve the problems. The company has various values which they abide by they include the staff members always attend to the patients first, providing better medical care, the better relationship among the patients and the staff members of the company, progress medical networks and lastly helping small companies that require proficient administration.

The president and the CEO of the company is Dr. Richard Shinto, another company he also managed is Aveta Inc. He manages Aveta Inc as the CEO and the president from the year 2008 to 2012. He also was the Chief Medical Officer in California at NAMM. Dr. Richard Shinto has a working experience for more than 20 years in medical care therefore accomplishing a lot of things. He went to California University where he attained his B.S and the University of Redlands where he also attained his MBA. He is also a writer apart from dealing with medical companies, he has written many books that explain matters dealing with medical health care.

Penelope Kokkinide is part of InnovaCare Health staff member, she was in the company and she decided to leave but she then came back which she later became the Chief Administrative Officer of the company, she is also the Chief Operating Officer at InnovaCare and Avets Inc. she has worked for a long time therefore having a lot of skills and experience. At Centerlight Healthcare she worked as an administrator where she managed the strategic ways on how to develop and take good care of the station. She went to Binghamton University where she got a degree in biological sciences and also she went to New York University where she got Social work master’s degree.

View her infographic resume at Vizualize.me

InnovaCare is now associated with Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) in order to develop their payment methods, the association with the companies Dr. Richard Shinto is certain that a lot will be accomplished.

Copa Star Hospital; Introducing a New Concept to Medicine

Copa Star is a luxurious hospital owned by the Rede D’Or. The hospital was opened in October 2016, and it has introduced a new concept in medicine.

It has been designed with state of the art technology which is set to improve disease treatment process. The hospital seats on a 21,000 sq.mts, and it has a total of 155 patient suites, 59 intensive care units, and nine operating rooms. They have hybrid rooms, operating rooms and neurosurgery rooms that are fitted with magnetic resonance and imaging equipment. They have also incorporated the use of robotic medicine and also telemedicine.

The hospital has been designed to cater to all patients regardless of their conditions. However, most of the efforts will be focused on cardiology and neurology. Their goal is to surpass the different hospitals in Brazil that offer these services like Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo.

Unlike most of the other hospitals that have a simple interior décor, the Copa Star Hospital has an elegant lobby that includes different features like; plush sofas, grand piano and art work for the Yutaka Toyota, a Japanese artist. They have also added a restaurant with different cuisines. You don’t have to worry as the restaurant has been maintained according to the health and safety standards.

One of the great features that the hospital has included is the iPads that will be fitted in the patients’ rooms. They have developed an app specifically for the hospital. The patients will be able to use them to control the different features of the hospital like opening and closing the curtains and adjusting the lights. They will also be in a capacity to communicate with the doctors through the video call. The doctors, on the other hand, will also be in a position to post the patient’s radiology results on the iPad.

Most of their efforts have gone to the designing of the ICU rooms. They have included large screens on the walls that will be displaying images from the cameras installed outside the hospital. This is so that they can reduce the loneliness and boredom that the patients feel when in ICU. They are also planning to have the camera in the tallest buildings so that they could display the different landscape images like the beaches.

The hospital has experienced personnel who will take care of you and your family while you are in the hospital. All the nurses in the hospital are registered. They undergo two months of training that equips them with all the information on how to care for the different patients. They are also trained on how to deal with the different scenarios that occur on a daily basis. Visit the hospital’s facebook page.

Investor Arthur Becker Acquires New Properties in SoHo

Recently, tech investor Arthur Becker took action in order to build on his already impressive investment portfolio. He recently looked to acquire some new real estate in one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York City. Becker bought three townhomes in the SoHo District. With the acquisition of these townhomes, Becker will be in position to have real estate that will likely rise in value and allow him to profit from high returns in the future. Over the years, Becker has been quite active in and supportive of real estate investing in New York City. He has looked to acquire a number of properties in order to compliment his technology company holdings.

According to a number of recent reports, Arthur Becker has invested up to $20 million in this recent real estate project. This amount of money was used in order to acquire the properties which will hopefully give Becker a high return once he is looking to sell them. With the investment of these three townhomes, Becker will be able to control property in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in New York City. The properties will give him a prestigious residential location as well as providing him with properties that will appeal to many who wish to be residents of the SoHo District.

With this amount of money, he will be in position to own some of the most valuable real estate in New York City. He is currently the owner of the three townhomes with addresses of 10, 30 and 50 Sullivan Street. With these new properties, Becker looks to live in one and lease out the other two. By living in one of the properties, Arthur will have a prime residential location in the city. This will give him a very luxurious place to live in one of the top neighborhoods in the city. As well as living in a nice townhome, Arthur Becker looks to receive rental income from his other two properties as well.