Sheldon Lavin’s Visionary Leadership Helps OSI Group To Be An Authority In The Meat Processing Industry

Sheldon Lavin ranks one of the leading executives globally. In the last four decades, the chief executive officer of OSI Group has worked hard to grow the firm from a small meat processing company based in Chicago to an international conglomerate with over 80 facilities under its umbrella.

Before joining the meat and food processing company, Sheldon worked at his financial advisory firm as a financial consultant. He focused on leaving mark in the financial industry. However, his career journey took a turn when he was asked to arrange financing for Otto & Sons in 1970. Although he was reluctant to deal with the firm, he finally gave in. This was the beginning of a relationship that has now spanned over 40 years. Due to his quality services, McDonald’s Corporation convinced Otto and his sons to recruit Sheldon into the company.

After rendering his services as Otto & Sons’ financial consultant, the company was ready to expand its operations to the international market. McDonald’s insisted that Sheldon should join the company as a partner. Otto decided to quit the business to enable his two sons and Lavin to continue with the business as partners. To this end, the trio changed the company’s name to OSI Group.

Over the years, Sheldon worked hard to enhance the company’s profitability margins. At first, he owned 51 percent shareholding of the company before convincing Otto’s sons to sell the remaining shares to him. With full control of OSI Group, the entrepreneur was been able to guide the company to be a leader in the global meat processing market. Under Sheldon’s visionary leadership, the company has expanded its operation to other North American countries, Australia, Europe, India, Japan, China, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Even at the age of 81, Sheldon continues to pursue expansionary strategies for the conglomerate. The company’s continued growth has seen it become the world’s largest supplier of value added protein products. Presently, OSI Group has more than 80 facilities, which are spread across 17 countries. In the recent past, Sheldon was involved in expanding the company to the Asian continent. This is because the continent has a huge population and large economy. The Shrewd entrepreneur has a sound educational background. He holds a degree in finance and accounting. For more info about us: click here.

Over the years, he has received different activities owing to his transformative leadership and engagement in different community initiatives. Lavin supports the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS), the Inner City Foundation, Evans Scholarship Fund, the Jewish United Fund and the United Negro College Fund.

A Closer look at Businessman SahmAdrangi

SahmAdrangi is currently the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital Management. SahmAdrangi has held the position as CEO for Kerrisdale for approximately eight years. Adrangi started the company from the ground up and today the organization is worth over $100 million dollars. SahmAdrangi has his own web site in which he expresses his views on issues such as third party investing as well as his experience with trading stocks. Adrangi has taken great interest in the Biotechnology market. In addition, he had published several articles in which he wrote himself concerning Biotechnology as a whole.

Earlier in his career SahmAdrangi was a loan officer at Deutsche Bank. Adrangi mainly dealt with the financing of high yield loans during his tenure with Deutsche Bank. Adrangi also worked for Chanin Capital Partners for a period of time. SahnAdrangi handled loan restructuring for a variety of clients at Chanin Capital Partners. Adrangi was also employed by Longacre Management as an Hedge Fund Specialist. Adrangi has learned that investing in Hedge Funds is all about timing. When you invest at the right time more than likely your initial investment will experience substantial and rewarding growth.Longacre Management essentially gave Mr. Adrangi the required experience and know how to excel within the financial management industry. SahmAdrangi has certainly made a name for himself as a successful as well as a competent businessman.

*Education Credentials:

SahmAdrangi graduated from the prestigious Yale University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Adrangi graduated from Yale with top honors.Mr. Adrangi is also a lecturer and travels around the country to fulfill speaking engagements as well as business seminars. He has also returned to Yale several times as a guest speaker for students interested business development and economics.

Concessions Can Be Beneficial for Brazilian Basic Sanitation Services

Felipe Jens recently interviewed Edison Carlos who is in charge basic sanitation as the president of Trata Brasil. Carlos gave his views on how concessions could be beneficial in the provision of basic sanitation services in the country. By collaborating with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES), Carlos believes that the government will provide improved services in management, structural, and resources due to this partnership.

Given that majority of basic sanitation services are provided by state organizations, Carlos reiterates that if public and private stakeholders work together, citizens should expect better services. Using customized action plans from BNDES, sanitation projects can be tailor-made for specific locations. Collaboration between the two sectors is crucial for proper water management. However, for this to work, clear goals should be indicated in the drafted contracts to ensure that agreed activities are actually fulfilled. Resources should also be directed towards waste management systems in Brazil. All concessions should, therefore, be tailored to meet the needs of the Brazilian population.

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens fully supports these views as well. With exceptional leadership, investment, financial, and entrepreneurial skills, Felipe Montoro Jens is a force to reckon with in Latin America. He has worked with different companies and currently sits on the boards of some of them. As such, he is knowledgeable in finance, and many look forward to his views on different global economic trends. As a result of his prowess in finance and business, he was invited as a guest panelist at the World Economic Forum on Latin America. As a specialist in infrastructure, Felipe Jens fully supports the participation of the private sector in infrastructure development for the economic growth of the country.

For his undergraduate degree in business administration, he studied at Getúlio Vargas Foundation in Brazil followed by postgraduate studies in international relations at the Thunderbird School of Global Management, in the USA.