What Makes Lime Crime Products Unique?

Lime Crime is a beauty product line which was created by Doe Deere. Doe is a creative who has been in the beauty industry long enough to know what works with what. She started her journey with an eBay account where she used to sell clothes. When she discovered that she did not have any makeup options that would match her clothes, she decided to be creative and come up with her own.



Lime Crime was born out of hard work and passion. The brand has grown over the years and it continues to provide women with various options to boost their esteem and love themselves more. If you love to experiment with color, this is definitely the best brand for you.



Why This Brand?



The good thing about the products created by the company is that they are safe to use. They are made of ingredients that have been tasted by scientists and approved for use on the human skin. Doe is enthusiastic about creating products which can be used by both men and women. She also came up with products which suit all complexions and skin types.



Some of the products which the line has launched into the market include the matte lipstick trend. With their matte Velventines, women have been able to try lipstick shades that range in both texture and color. The various shades match various complexions and they bring a pop of color when matched with anything.



Doe also introduced other cosmetic products into the market with her brand. She has made nail polish, eye makeup as well as highlighters for the cheeks, nose and lips. If you are looking for the perfect makeup to go with any outfit, these products are your best bet. People who buy and use Doe’s products also enjoy their cruelty-free and vegan properties. You do not have to worry about getting a reaction with these products.



For those who do not know where to buy the products, it is as easy as visiting their official website and adding your pick to your cart and it will be delivered to you.