A Review Of The Functions Undertaken By Avaaz

In different Asian, Middle East and European Languages, Avaaz means voice. The organization was incorporated in 2007 with the mission of organizing the populace of all countries to work towards closing the gap between the world that people are living in and the world that everyone desires to have.
Over the years, Avaaz has empowered millions of people to take actions on various national, regional and pressing global issues, ranging from climate change and corruption to conflict and poverty. The entity’s model of internet allows individuals to make their efforts, however small. When all these efforts are combined, they become a powerful voice for change.
The company uses 15 languages to pass their messages across. Avaaz’s core team is found in six continents. In addition, the company has been benefiting from the services of thousands of volunteers. The corporation takes action by funding different media campaigns, engaging in direct actions, calling and lobbying governments, emailing, signing petitions and organizing “offline” events and protests. Avaaz undertakes all these operations for purposes of ensuring that the values and views of the people are used to inform the decisions that affect all human beings.
Today, Avaaz is using advanced technology and global interdependence to work on any issue that is affecting the public. This way, the entity has been able to undertake campaigns of extraordinary nimbleness, scale, focus and flexibility. Through its single global team, the organization has been able to have a large online community that calls attention to emerging issues. This community plays a pivotal role in channeling public concern to targeted campaigns of urgent emergency.
Every week, Avaaz polls and tests 10,000-member random samples with the objective of finding initiatives that have a strong response. This way, the staffs talk to members who suggest the actions that can be taken for purposes of ensuring that a given campaign is successful. Notably, Avaaz does not accept funding from corporations or governments. They are member-funded.