Omar Yunes 101

Omar Yunes is truly one of his kind, a diamond in the rough – and Mexico has many diamonds. This entrepreneur knows how to tap into investment like it’s no one’s business; he does it better than most, and that’s an understatement. This Mexican finance investor currently represents none other than Sushi Itto.

In recent news, Yunes was titled “The BFW” or “Best Franchisee in the World” by Mexicano and The competition recently took place in beautiful Florence, Italy. Sushi Itto, the Japanese food chain that Yunes so proudly represents, placed fifth in the competition – and on a global scale. This says everything. In fact, Yunes now holds 13 locations in Mexico, all of which are fully owned and operated by his careful hand; did you know that he took over this business at the mere age of 21? That alone speaks wonders to his testimony and potential overall.

Since Yunes won the competition, it spoke well to Mexico’s food reputation as well. Mexico was honored to have placed a top spot and only hopes for further success in the years to come – all of which Yunes has already promised to deliver. We will see. Also, nearly 10 percent of all Sushi Itto franchises are owned by Yunes; this means that the 13 he owns are only 1/10 of all the locations – not to mention the dozens more that have promised to open in the next three years alone. The future is exciting for this business and for Yunes alone.

Customer Service
Excellent customer service and hospitality collaboration are what Yunes attributes his recent success to: He notes that any team without one or more of its members is an incomplete team, and that is why he has pushed his employees and executive staff to excellence every time; he always knew that they were capable of greater things. He also mentioned that every employee in each branch of business – from the top-tier execs to the company janitors – has a crucial role to play in the safety and professionalism of all daily operations.

JHSF’s Emergence as Real Estate Magnet

Outstanding Revenues

With the emerging maturity of real estates in overseas countries, the company has moved ahead of time even to redirect its business attention to recurrent revenue. In the passing of time, the holding has prioritized the implantation of major projects which have subtly got inclusion in administration and development of most shopping centers in its target areas. Other centers that have been subject to this authority include Catharina Integrated Urban Development (comprising Catharina Airport and Catharina Fashion Outlet) and other Luxury hotels. In the recurring revenue sector, there has existed an increase in the important mode through which the company relies on it for income. It, therefore, means that company’s future is rendered secure with this portion of JHSF’s revenue since it is predictable, reliable and stable. Click here to know more.

Who is Jose Auriemo Neto to JHSF?

At JHSF, Jose Auriemo Neto commands immense respect from his personnel and other stakeholders in the business. As a CEO, he exhibits an unconditional disposition to his work as he is always disciplined and in most cases spends his time in meetings where he discusses most of the company affairs. Untypical of most CEOs, his meetings get spent not only talking relationships with investors but also explains the smallest details that can affect even the lowest in the hierarchy of his workers. On most occasions, he is seen adorning a helmet moving to the construction sites where he at times supervises the ongoing works. He takes his time to closely monitor whatever the workers do to ensure that they adhere to the strict standards required of the company. To many among his working personnel, he opines that at JHSF, it is usually 10% inspiration while the 90% remains sweat.

From such commitments, JHSF has witnessed tremendous growth in the last quarter of financial year 2016/2017 that ended in June. While releasing his economic forecast at the start of the 2016/2017 financial year, he had estimated that the profit of the company would reach over R $ 240 million by the end of 2016. With the materialization of this forecast, the company amassed 100% profit by achieving an R $ 4 billion. He always points to commitment, consistency, and aggression as the drivers that steer his and the company’s greatness.

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Honey Birdette’s Recipe for International Success

The concept for Honey Birdette was eloquently simple in nature. Craft a store that was absolutely drenched in luxury, from the decor to the champagne. Fill the store with the finest in high end lingerie. Bring in a team of highly knowledgeable “Honeys” to wow store visitors and make the shopping experience an absolute delight that couldn’t help but warrant word of mouth references from store visitors. Repeat.

That recipe for success has spurred the growth of Eloise Monaghan’s Honey Birdette boutique concept from a singular location to 55 locations sprinkled throughout Australia. In 2016 Monaghan decided to test out her flawless recipe in the United Kingdom. She opened three locations – in London, Westfield White City and Leeds’ Victoria Gate – and discovered very quickly that her concept not only was well received, but generated a demand for a national rollout of Honey Birdette locations across the UK.

And rollout they will. Those three locations will be joined by 37 more to total 40 Honey Birdette boutiques across the UK by the end of 2018. This is incredible news for what started as one location just 20 years ago. The stores will open in phrases and Phase 1 will include prominent places like Newcastle, Liverpool and Leeds. Locations for Phase 2 and beyond are not yet released. Mums the word, but a recent article also made it look as though other European cities may be on the radar to serve as a Honey Birdette home.

As it grows, Honey Birdette will continue to offer the same top quality lingerie and accessories available globally. It will also continue to have all the glam and lavishness that can be expected from a boutique of its quality. As any Honey can attest, the real treat in visiting a Honey Boutique location comes not only from what you take home in your bag, but from the fun and frills had in the store itself.

How Dr. Chris Villanueva Of MB2 Dental Cured Unforgivable Mistakes Killing Practices

Traditional dentistry has been heavily criticized lately for not making patient interests a priority. One dentist affiliation network that’s silencing the stigma is MB2 Dental. The dentist-owned collective supports corporate and independent practitioners across six US states. With over 70 affiliation networks, it’s serving some 533 associates nationwide. Its founder, Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva established the network on the premise of improving dental services by promoting personal development, group adventure, support and clinical autonomy among practitioners. With this cooperation, practitioners are afforded specialized training and support on their professional adventure to achieve career enrichment. While MB2 Dental encourages regulatory compliance, it’s stressing the value in streamlining innovations that reward the interests of practitioners, patrons, and the organization. Its indifference highlights a forward-thinking culture that transcends the biases of the wider dentist management community.

A pioneering visionary of modern dentistry, Dr. Villanueva isn’t the stereotypical CEO indulged in micromanaging an empire. He envisioned becoming an innovator of dentistry, instead of restricting himself to private practice or group networking. When he finished his dental residency, he immediately launched into entrepreneurship and established his own practice management company. His model afforded him the luxury of networking with like-minded professionals and being an entrepreneur. At MB2 entrepreneurship Dental, he’s equally invested in teamwork and creativity, which are two of the core dynamics helping him keep ahead. With technological advancements streamlining operations and the economics of dental practices today, he’s strongly engrossed in the evolution. The devoted father isn’t missing out on family time, despite his commitment as a dutiful CEO.

The Ohio-native has achieved what many practitioners constantly fail to incorporate as professionals – balancing provider and corporate responsibilities. With mentorship programs designed to help dentist practices cultivate a similar culture, Dr. Villanueva continues a mission of meaningful change. Dentistry has always been a capital-intensive commerce that thrives on its economy. With MB2 Dental, Dr. Villanueva sets out to mentor network affiliates by providing the needed tools to motivate infrastructural growth and improve practices. Large and micro dental practices face similar challenges that have triggered a cyclic collapse of the organizational infrastructure. While he’s not totally fixated on killing the obsession of the impassioned dentist committed to the core elements of his craft and specialization. Dr. Villanueva strives to prioritize the ethics of running a successful practice to complement medical expertise in dentistry. He’s consciously driving integration to empower professionals, in turn, accelerating service delivery, while preserving the culture of dental specialization.

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Jim Tanabaum founded Foresite Capital as a healthcare private equity firm which mainly specializes in identifying emerging healthcare leaders. It also helps grow to profitability by supplying information and capital. Jim says the idea of Foresite capital came from his experience as a healthcare entrepreneur for over twenty-five years. He knew several key success factors that would lead to a successful company.

Jim reveals that the way he brings his ideas to life is by engaging smart, capable leaders to give feedback about your idea. One way to be productive as an entrepreneur is by focusing on your business and thinking bigger. One should also have persistence and commitment. There are several risks that entrepreneurs are faced with. Risk taking is part of the way to be a successful business individual. An entrepreneur should be optimistic and diligent. Jim encourages the rise of entrepreneurs because many individuals are looking for inspirational ideas that will lead to a successful business. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Jim recommends people to read the book of Pearl, Glymour, and Jewell ‘’Casual inference in Statistics. ’The book has many principles that can be used daily for broadening our knowledge.

About Jim Tanabaum.

Jim Tanabaum pursued math and electrical engineering/computer science at the Yale University. He holds an MD and an MBA which he acquired from Harvard University. Jim had a great passion for hard sciences, computer science and health care since he was in high school.He talked to mentors that kept him progressing and inspiring him to achieve more. Jim is on the prestigious Midas List for his positive developments.

Jim has a broad experience which helps him identify key issues that help to create successful businesses. Tanabaum came to realize that healthcare products and solutions are difficult. They needed more time and more capital.He, therefore, decided to offer to help individuals in the healthcare industry to be successful. Jim worked as a partner at Sierra ventures where he helped create health care practices. He also participated in founding Venture Partners II and III.He has worked as an entrepreneur in healthcare and as an Investment strategist for more than twenty-five years.

Jim Tanabaum believes that his interest in academic is what makes him a productive as an entrepreneur. His desire to learn is what drives him to research and come up with effective solutions. Check out the website;

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Scott Rocklage – Leaving a Historical Mark on Cancer Research

Scott Rocklage, Ph.D. works with 5AM Ventures and rose to managing partner in 2004. His background is impressive. His experience includes over 30 years of managing healthcare projects. His ability to lead strategic initiatives have led to approval of three applications by the Food and Drug Administration. His background in chemistry is unquestionable.

His business accomplishments include CEO and Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals, research and development positions with Salutar and Catalytica, and President and CEO of NycomedSalutar to name several. His education provides the basis for his business achievements. The University of California, Berkeley granted his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg and Scott Racklage | Crunchbase

He received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT where he conducted research under the guidance of Richard R. Schrock who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 2005. Scott Rocklage is co-inventor of more than 30 United States patents.

The name 5AM Ventures, a venture capital firm that funds science-based ventures, came from the fact that the firm’s mission is to assist companies in their early stage of formation.

A typical day for Scott Rocklage may be studying life science or managing the company’s portfolio team. His days are busy and sometimes unpredictable. Working with scientists of like mind and spirit are essential for bringing his ideas to life.

He has a passion for methods that allow for the targeting of specific cancer mutations, and being able to treat them in new, unique ways. This approach and science has already saved lives. As the science improves, it will save many more lives.

The life of Scott Rocklage is the perfect example of what happens when knowledge merges with experience. One can only imagine the amazing discoveries that lie ahead.

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Tony Petrello’s Rise to Top Leadership

Nabors Industries Limited is a globally renowned energy company that deals with geothermal and natural gas. The company operates in the world’s biggest sources of this raw material including the USA and the Middle East among other giants in natural gas production. Nabors Industries Limited has been doing very well and the credits can only be given to Tony Petrello who has been at the helm of the company’s top leadership for years. His leadership and business acumen has propelled the company into the industry giant that it is today. Tony Petrello joined Nabors Industries in 1991 and over the years he has been doing a great job.

His rise to the top job in the company has been accredited to his academic qualifications which can only be best described as enviable. Tony is a trained and a certified lawyer. He completed his law school in one of the best universities in the world, the Harvard University. He later joined Yale University to pursue a bachelor’s degree and eventually a Master’s degree in mathematics. With such kind of credentials, it was not difficult for him to land a prestigious job in any field of his interest. He first decided to pursue law and in 1979 he joined law firm as his first professional pursuit.

After years of practicing law, Tony Petrello, decided it was time to quite law and pursue something more fulfilling. As a great academician, he could land a good job in any field. In 1991, he got a job at the Nabors Industries where he has been working to date.Over the years, he has ascended through the ranks to become one of the most influential high ranking members in the company. Currently he chairs the board of directors and he is the Chief Executive Officer. In addition, Tony Petrello is also the sitting director of the Texas Children’s Hospital in the following: click here.