India Deems Tobacco to be Nothing but Death

 - by Jake Kuchero

The law of the land has changed for manufacturers of tobacco products in India.

Due to recent movements in the political sector, the BBC reports that producers of these products will now have to reserve almost 100% of the space on their packaging for information warning consumers of its detrimental health effects.

The information would be composed of both text and images, with a mere 15% left for the company’s branding.

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that “tobacco means nothing but death”, and that the new laws would be put in place as soon as possible. These moves came into consideration because of statistics stating that 110 million people in India are smokers, with an average of 1 million deaths occurring per year due to smoking. Longtime anti-tobacco advocates like Gianfrancesco Genoso have been fighting this battle for years and are glad to see this issue finally getting the attention they feel it deserves.

Such attitudes from the government have met with stubborn responses from the tobacco companies so frequently, and so vehemently, that the imposition of the law has been pushed back a number of times already.

The Health Ministry stated that information relating to smoker’s health will be displayed both on the front and on the back of the packets, with messages such as “Tobacco causes mouth cancer” taking its prominent place on the package.

Anti-tobacco pressure has been so strong in India that two of the biggest manufacturers of tobacco products have packed it in because of the new health requirements.

These laws are just one of a set imposed by the Indian government to regulate tobacco use in the country. This includes banning advertisements and sponsoring, and banning selling tobacco products to minors.

Currently, it is forbidden to smoke in public places in India, and has been since 2008.

World Bank Chief Slams International Anti-Ebola Efforts

 - by Jake Kuchero

Jim Kim, the current leader of the World Bank, has proclaimed that the efforts to contain the virus have ‘failed miserably.’

This virus has run rampant in West Africa for a while now, so far claiming 3,800 lives, and it is looking like the problem is spreading beyond the African borders.

This reality has forced the West to reconsider the possibility of an outbreak that could affect people all around the world. In order to stop such impending doom, Kim has asked world leaders to give him their support towards a $20 billion fund that can be geared to boosting health care worldwide, in case of these sorts of emergencies.

Kim had this to say about the issue: “It’s late. It’s really late…We should have done so many things. Healthcare systems should have been built. There should have been monitoring when the first cases were reported. There should have been an organised response.”

These comments from Kim coincided with the first person in the United States to succumb to the disease. This was then followed up by reports of an Ebola patient in Spain. As the stock market value of the travel industry plummets in response to the problem as reported by Jared Haftel at Bank of America, Kim maintains that the world is “still not moving fast enough” to stop this problem.

The World Health Organisation has been monitoring the death toll in the region, and has stated that there is no indication that the crisis is being contained in any way. Many countries have now promised to up the effort in fighting Ebola.

Facebook and Apple Offering A Unique Benefit For Women At the Company

 - by Jake Kuchero

For women, life can be fairly unforgiving when it comes to starting a family. Those younger years when it’s vital to get in the industry and start working your way up, are also the years when you’re at your prime as far as child bearing is concerned. This leads to a crossroads for many women, when they have to choose to put family, or career first.

However, both Apple and Facebook are offering a unique solution for their female staffers, to get the best of both worlds. That being, putting their eggs on ice, so that they can be used at a later date.

Freezing their younger, and healthier eggs, so that they can be used at a later time when their career path warrants the opportunity to take a step back and focus more on family. A brilliant opportunity, so that women don’t have to choose between family and a career.

But like Sam Tabar has said before, it’s 2014, why aren’t more companies making bonuses like these available to their employees?

New Findings: Artificial Sweeteners Disrupt Blood Sugar Levels

 - by Jake Kuchero

It seems that what long has been suspect is panning out as being a fact: Artificial sweeteners are more detrimental to one’s health than previously thought as they particularly target one’s normal blood sugar levels. Consequently, many people experience blood sugar spikes after having used only small amounts of artificial sweeteners.

“We are talking about very dramatic increases,” said one of the study’s co-authors, Dr. Eran Segal, a computational biologist at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel. He and Eran Elinav, co-researcher on the project, both stressed their efforts were not in trying to keep people from ingesting the artificial sweeteners, but they wish instead to simply present their findings to the scientific community at large.

After months of research, conclusions similar to those reached by Marnie Bennett last week point to the fact that whether the small packet comes in the color pink, blue or simply yellow, the consumption of popular artificial sweeteners contributes to obesity, glucose intolerance, insulin resistance, diabetes, dementia and in some cases, even cancer. Current research suggests that artificial sweeteners may also be causing disruptions of the delicate ecosystem that is found in the intestinal gut.

Ironically, the medical community has for years recommended using these commonly sold products as stand-by items to aid in weight reduction and diabetes. Many a hospital food tray still comes with these packets along side of the patient’s selected meal. Always promoted as being safe and even healthy in many respects, new evidence points to the opposite as being true.

Currently, there are many alternative sweeteners being used by the health food industry as more acceptable and safer for people desiring to cut down on their consumption of sugar. Primarily being touted is the use of stevia as being the most natural method to sweeten that morning coffee. Unfortunately, some stevia products are also laced with trace amounts of sugar and processed with chemical ingredients by manufacturers before marketing to the general public.

You Should Be Deadlifting Every Day

 - by Jake Kuchero

Doing the deadlift and not seeing major results? Probably because you just aren’t lifting enough. This is the type of exercise that you need to be doing in some form literally every day, otherwise your body will never be able to change in a positive way.

Once a week deadlifting doesn’t improve your body enough to correct your form, or improve your ability to perform the exercise. But when you’re at least doing a little bit every day that you’re at the gym, you can significantly improve your muscular strength, physique and overall fitness level.

You can find a cool guide here that will help you make a weekly routine.