Dr. Jennifer Walden: Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire

Aesthetic plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Texas Girl through and through. Although she spent over 10 years working in Manhattan, she recently returned to her Austin home, with her young sons Houston and Rex in tow. Not one to let the grass grow under her feet, Dr. Jennifer Walden opened The Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center in Austin.


Dr. Walden is considered among the best in the business. She is highly respected by her peers and receives high praise from her patients. She performs a full line of procedures. Most of it is aesthetic surgeries like breast augmentation, liposuction, Botox, facial and brow lifts and non-invasive laser treatments.


After graduating from the University of Texas with a degree in biology, she was waitlisted as she tried to gain entrance into The University of Texas Medical Branch. She finally got in and graduated salutatorian. She received a fellowship to work at the prestigious Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Clinic. She also worked at New York University Langone Medical Center as a plastic surgery instructor.


Dr. Walden enjoyed her time in New York, but after the birth of her twin boys Houston and Rex, she decided to pull up stakes and head South. She has a big family back home and thought it was best to have her young sons grow up with family. Who can argue that?


Dr. Walden’s wild success has followed her. She is one of the most highly sought-after aesthetic plastic surgeons in Texas. Her interests focus solely on women’s health issues. Dr. Walden wants to empower as many women as she can in all areas of life.

How Maggie Gill Persevered Before and During Leadership at Memorial Health

Margaret “Maggie” Gill is perhaps one of the most hands-on Chief Executive Officers that walked on this planet, for the reason that she has done and is still doing so much for Memorial Health, a company that manages the Memorial University Medical Center located in Georgia.


Maggie Gill was a very intellectual student during her scholastic years. When she went out of the Florida State University, she got her Bachelor’s degree with honors. For a Master’s degree in Business Administration, Gill then entered the Saint Leo University within the same state. In addition to that, she took a brief course in strategic thinking and management at Wharton School to increase her skills.


Before Maggie Gill became an important member of Memorial Health, she was the Chief Financial Officer for Tenet South Florida Health System for five years. This job post enabled her to work at the North Shore Medical Center, the Coral Gables Hospital, and the Palmetto General Hospital which are all within Florida as well. Her contributions to this company were not left undetected by her superiors at the time, as she received a total of three Tenet Outstanding CFO Awards while she was there.

When Maggie Gill got hired by Memorial University Medical Center in 2004, she held the vice presidency position for the finance or managed care department, and then encouraged to the Chief Finance Officer post by 2005. During the period in which Memorial Health could not decide on who would be the next CEO and President after the last one stepped down, it was Maggie who temporarily filled in the spot. However, she did not have to vacate her place at the helm of the company because the Board of Directors and other executives voted for her to obtain the roles above permanently in 2011.

Memorial Health

Her work in Memorial Health is not for the faint of heart, as Maggie Gill directly manages all the vice presidents and medical heads of the company. Also, she handles various matters within MUMC, including government and physician relations, auditing, and financial management and assistance, to name a few.

Under Maggie Gill’s leadership, the company attained many accolades from the recent 16th Annual Health Care Heroes Awards created by the Georgia Medical Society. The achievements focused on The Primary Care Accelerated Track Program and Teen Drivers Program that they currently have, as well as select sponsors, organizations, and physicians who support the medical center tirelessly.

Advantages of Stock-Based Loans – Equity First Holdings

Lately, economic fluctuations have made it tough for banks and other lending institutions to survive in the current lending market. To cushion their trading, they have had to re-evaluate and adjust their profit making avenues. Among the measures taken are increasing interest rates, tightening loan qualifications, and reducing lending options for clients. The bar is set so high such that alternative lending institutions have become a more viable option.

As the adage goes, ‘One man’s meat is another man’s poison,’ Equity First Holdings, a leading alternative lending institution, is experiencing increased profits due to more clients on stock-based loans.

The organization advises its customers to give preference to stock-based loans to derive maximum benefits from money borrowed. It has noted that a majority of clients disregard stock-based loans. Probably, this overlook is because they cannot differentiate between margin loans and stock-based loans. Maybe because of fear of the past where lenders would abuse borrower’s rights by not returning stocks when transactions matured, but instead dumped collateral into the open market.

“If seeking working capital, it is wise to go for loans collateralized by stocks,” advises Al Christy, Jr., Founder, and CEO of Equity First Holdings. “In comparison to margin loans, stock-based loans are the better option.”

In stock-based loans clients:
  • Get a fixed interest rate of between 3-5 %.
  • Can borrow and use money borrowed on what they please to do.
  • Can simply walk away without any obligation tied down to them; when dissatisfied.
  • Enjoy high loan-to-value ratios of between 50-75%
Whereas in margin loans:
  • Interest rates are unpredictable meaning they can fluctuate at will.
  • Loan-to-value ratios range between 10-50%.
  • The borrower may be required to state how the funds shall be used.
  • Borrowers always face the fear of margin calls. In a case of such a call, collateral liquidation is done without warning.

Al Christy further emphasizes that Margin loans can be likened to conventional bank loans where the borrower’s qualifications are strictly analyzed and evaluated before it is granted.

About Equity First Holdings LLC (EFH)

It is one of the world’s top alternative shareholder financing solutions. EFH began in 2002 with the aim of offering capital against publicly traded stocks and enable clients to access alternative financing solutions. So far, the institution has conducted over 650 valid transactions worth over $1.4 million. The company has offices in many parts of the world notably in London, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. To learn more, visit Equities First.

Dherbs.com May Be Replacing the Traditional Diet


Dherbs.com was founded by AD Dolphin in 2004. The company headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California. In case you have not heard of Dherbs before, it has had quite a lot of media attention in the 12 years since it was founded. For example Dherbs Detox body Cleanse was recognized by Shape magazine in 2014 as one of the top 10 diets of the year. Dherbs.com was featured on the Steve Harvey Morning show and on the D. L. Hughley Show.


If a person is interested in a body cleanse, try dherbs.com They not only have body cleanses for adults, they also have a cleanse for children. It’s a liquid extract that works well with organic foods that can be the main staples of a child’s diet. It’s important to check with a pediatrician before starting any child on a detox diet. The doctor has information on children’s detox diets.


Detoxifying the body for adults. Dherbs.com has different pills in their online store, for different things related to body detoxification including cardiovascular, kidneys, blood lympthatic, and more. During a 20 day detoxification, it’s recommended that no cooked foods are eaten. The six herbal supplements are taken on a time schedule regiment. There’s also a 20 day detox for anti-virus that’ll strengthen the immune system against colds, allergies, the flu, and more.


Dherbs.com is selling an ebook that’ll give people suggestions about what to have on a body detox diet. For people who don’t want to cleanse for nearly three weeks, there are some 10 day cleanses that focus on many things including blood, colon, heart, kidney, and more.



Dherbs also sells Detox water in 24- 16.9 ounce bottles. It has minerals and electrolytes that boost energy and will go well with the full body detox diet.  The official Tumblr account of Dherbs.com goes into greater detail.


There’s Club Dherbs. Membership gives members great discounts towards all products. Membership in this club will give members great discounts towards all their products. People who sign up for this membership will be anxious to try more of Dherbs detoxing products for a better effect on their bodily health.

What Does the OSI Group Do?

The OSI Group, at its core, serves people who serve people that come into their restaurants. OSI provides food services to restaurants and this helps them to make sure that they are doing the best possible for their clients. While they do not directly serve the people who visit the restaurant, they make sure that they are able to give their best food and services to the people who come to the restaurants by giving the people who are running the restaurant the chance to make sure that they have the best food possible.

In the beginning, the OSI Group started out only supplying fresh food to restaurants. They came from a food market where they sold fresh meat to people who would visit their market. They had this and they were very successful. They actually outgrew the market business and needed to be able to do something more. Because of this, they worked hard to make sure that they were giving their all to all of the clients that they had in the beginning. This led to them getting even larger and expanding to different areas around the country.

Learn more about OSI Group on LinkedIn

They reached out to different markets in the United States and learned what they needed to be able to be successful. They followed the fresh food trends in these areas and provided the options to the people who were in each of these areas around the United States. They continued to be really successful and this allowed them the chance to see how much more they could grow in the future. They knew that they needed to expand even further if they were going to see the success that they wanted to be able to see in their time doing business.

This meant that OSI Group needed to expand to a global company. They wanted to be able to go global with everything that they had to offer and they wanted to make sure that their global reach was something that was easy for people. There were many things that they could do during their time in different countries. The countries that they were able to serve were very different from what they had in different areas. They had different markets to serve and this meant that they needed to have the products that would be able to help all of the people in these areas.

The OSI Group is not going to stop at where they are at. While they have worked in many different countries, this meant that they were able to do different things. They wanted to make sure that their clients were the best served clients in the industry and that they were getting the most out of the options that the OSI Group had for them. OSI plans to expand even further than what they have. They have reached a lot of areas, but there are some that they have not been able to help. They plan to move to different areas.

Securus Technologies, Inc. Corrects GTL in Press Release Innacuracies

Securus Technologies, Inc. is the largest detainee communications provider, government information management solutions, parolee tracking, serving more than 2,600 correctional facilities in Canada, Mexico, the District of Columbia, 45 states, and more than 1,000,000 inmates in the country. It is recognized to provide responsive customer service, innovative technology solutions, and comprehensive service. The main focus of Securus is the law enforcement communities and the specialized needs of the corrections. Securus headquarters is in Dallas, Texas with four regional offices in Atlanta, Georgia, and Dallas metropolitan area.


Securus technology provides criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, public safety, monitoring and corrections, issued corrections to Global Tel*Link. There are multiple statements included in GTL’s release which is inaccurate and misleading.


Global Tel*Link is aware that a patent litigation often costs millions of dollars and takes many years to pursue. Therefore, Securus questions whether the lawsuit patent sought by Global Tel*Link brings out the best interests of the company. However, Securus will continue to defend themselves from their attacks while patenting our complaints in response. Securs continues to do so as long as it is necessary to respond to GTL in this way.


Richard A. Smith, in response to the latest press release by GTL, states that they would be happy their technology challenge with Global Tel*Link anytime. He says that Securus has offered the challenge many times because it makes more sense than what Global Tel*Link is now doing. However, GTL has remained silent about responding to the technology challenge posed by Securus while issuing numerous press releases (which need many corrections).


BBB determined that Securus Technologies, Inc. meets the maximum standards set by BBB that include a commitment to make an effort to solve consumer complaints. BBB Accredited Business pay accreditation fees for review/monitoring and to support BBB services to the public.

Goettl Air Conditioning Is All About The Community

When it comes to a community, it works best when everyone works together and is on the same page. It runs smoothly and efficiently. Ken Goodrich of Goettl Air Conditioning understands this more than anyone. He is all about the community and he is a part of it in every single way. A story came out a little while back about how Ken Goodrich helped a veteran that was coming back get set up with college and further his education. He seeks out the chance to do this. He knows that without the community, the company would not be where it is today. He is well aware of that. He is a smart businessman and he would never do anything to put Goettl Air Conditioning, which has been around since 1939, at jeopardy.

He knows they have a good name and he intends on keeping it that way. After all, in the business world, the reputation and name of a company stand for a lot. When people hear their name, Ken Goodrich wants them to think good things. In a recent article, which is well worth reading if someone needs a pick me up, (http://www.achrnews.com/articles/133413-las-vegas-hvac-contractors-help-man-in-need), Goettl Air Conditioning along with The Sunny Plummer and Bishop Gorman football team helped his man get his AC up and running along with fixing his plumbing.

One must keep in mind that is not something that he had to do or was required to do. It was something he wanted to and enjoyed doing. This is a man that has been showering outside and dealing with temperatures in the upper 100’s. It has been a tough time for him, especially in his 70’s and being widowed. However, Ken Goodrich and everyone involved pitched in on this $8,000 job, which the man admits he would not have been able to afford on a fixed income.

This is a heartwarming story that is sure to bring tears to many people’s eyes. It is amazing and truly remarkable. As far as their business, they are going about making sure someone’s air conditioner is well-maintained and looked after frequently. No one wants their air conditioner to break on a moment’s notice and then they are stuck without air for even a few hours. In addition to that, they also do repairs and they also install new air conditioners as well. These are just a few of the wonderful things they are doing as a company in addition to giving back.

Read Goettl’s Reviews here:


The Kabbalah Way to Success

Man has always been overpowered by the feeling of discontent. We feel that there so much we can accomplish, but we can’t. The harder we try to reach our goals, the more success eludes us.

Satisfaction does not mean fleeting fleeting moments of happiness or feelings of bliss, but a permanent connection, a continuing, everlasting connection to success, satisfaction and contentment. This is where Kabbalah can help us.

Kabbalah is an ageless perception which tells how life and the universe work. Knowing how they work, will give man the ability to obtain satisfaction in our lives.

Kabbalah is an age-old set pattern for a rewarding life. Learning Kabbalah means knowing and understanding how the world works. Through it, man can finally find the solution to having a perpetual connection to their goals, enabling them to maintain a life of contentment and satisfaction.

Kabbalah teaches values and ideologies that apply to everyone, regardless of races, faiths and religions. Nobody is forcing anybody to be spiritual. It is sharing knowledge with others, hoping that they may discover their own direction to success and fulfillment, reach it, and hold on to it permanently and never let go.

Kabbalah will make us understand how the universe functions, and gives us more knowledge and devices to understand our life and how we can improve it by connecting to God and achieving the success in life that we are pursuing.

Learning Kabbalah means not just knowing and understanding how it works, it has to be practiced in everyday life. The outcome has to be experienced and felt.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel Leads the Way in Treating Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea has emerged as a primary health concern among physicians and other medical professionals during the last few years. In order to deal with this the negative effects of this condition, medical professionals have looked for a way to find more effective treatments for this condition. Since sleep apnea is often associated with conditions such as diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular disease, there has been quite urgency in finding effective treatments for this condition. One of the individuals who have led the process in finding treatments for this condition is Dr. Avi Weisfogel. He is the current founder of a company known as Dental Sleep Masters. This company has helped lead the way in finding solutions for treating sleep apnea.

After conducting research on this condition, Dr. Weisfogel has found out that up to 90% of the population suffers from sleep apnea. Since this is a serious condition that can lead to potential health problems down the road, Dr. Weisfogel has decided to provide more awareness of this condition throughout the medical community. His company Dental Sleep Masters has recently provided information for both physicians and dentists to help find ways treat this condition more effectively. With his assistance, medical professionals will now be in better position to diagnose this condition quickly and get patients the treatment they need to help maintain good health.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been involved in the dental field for many years. He is currently the founder of the company known as Dental Sleep Masters. This company helps provide treatment for sleep disorders. Weisfogel started up his own dental practice called Old Bridge Dental Care in the year 1999. When he was in charge of his dental practice, he would learn more about sleep disorders and look for ways to treat them. Once he found effective treatments, he would then help his patients who suffer from sleep disorders overcome them.

In the year 2014, Dr. Weisfogel would start up his company Dental Sleep Masters which would specialize in helping dentists find solutions to helping their patients who suffer from sleep disorders. He has also looked to provide information to both physicians and dentists that will enable them to help find ways to treat and cure sleep apnea. Dr. Weisfogel graduated from New York University College of Dentistry as well as receiving bachelor’s degrees in both biology and psychology from Rutgers University.

Picking My Favorite Velvetine Lipstick From Lime Crime

Celia Leslie can do what I cannot. She can actually wear twenty-four very different colors of lip color; she looks fabulous in every color. If you are familiar with Lime Crime, like me, you will know that they have some very bold colors. Cement, Peacock and Beet It, are all exactly what I thought they would be. The names are almost as fun as the colors they represent. Velvetines lip color is a color that is applied like a gloss and then dries into a gorgeous matte. One of the things that I like best about this video is that the colors went on really easy and evenly without a lot of layers.

I liked Shroom the best. I like the throw back to the 90’s shades of brown. I could wear it at work because it is a great neutral. The Shroom color of Lime Crime’s Velvetine lip color would go great with heavily lined eyes and a flannel shirt in a total throw back to the nineties look, or with just some foundation and a bit of mascara for a real natural look. Teddy Bear is in a similar scheme, but has more of a pinkish purple undertone, I think it would look better to go out on a date. It is more romantic. Thinking to the holidays, Wicked is a great red. Add a bit of eyeliner and I would be very sexy for a party!

I like Lime Crime because it has so many different colors and options. Other makeup companies tend to show the same trends. My hair has not been its natural shade since I was fourteen. Bold dramatic cosmetics are for me. I like that Lime Crime thinks of their customers as unicorns, all of us different and bright. And this fall, Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime and the “Queen of the Unicorns”, announced that they will have hair dye! Mixing and matching makeup and hair dye all on the same web page. I am excited about this new chapter in the book of Lime Crime.  Pay attention to further announcements by following them on Facebook, or even browsing their Twitter page.